Friday, July 18, 2014

Boots on the Ground

Who thought of that phrase? I don't like it...They aren't boots - they are our sons.

Our sons have entered Gaza - the only way our government felt it could achieve its goals, the only way to end the endless violence. Boots on the ground.

For now, Elie and Shmulik have not been called up...but the sons of many of my friends have. Impossible to know at this moment where each boy is but I can tell you what their mothers are feeling at this moment.

There are no words right now to explain - the fear, the love, the pride, the worry. We are all praying right now in Israel - praying for so many things.

Most of all, we are praying that they enter in peace and come home in peace, safe and healthy and whole.

And we want them to succeed in protecting our country, so that our children don't tell their parents that they don't have to set an alarm, that the sirens indicating an incoming missile will awaken them. And we want them to succeed so that our parents and grandparents aren't running to bomb shelters.

And we want them to succeed so that our children can play outside without having to calculate whether they are more than 15 minutes from shelter.

We want them to succeed...and God, we want them home safe.

I met my friend today in the store. Her son is down there. He's a bit older than Elie...has three...or maybe four children. This is his fourth time in battle. I don't want this to be Elie's third time...


Rickismom said...

great blog! Oh so true! May HaShem watch over us all.

Yoel Ben-Avraham said...

Paula two of my sons are involved actively and I can't concentrate nor sleep. May all our sons be protected and come home to their families and loved ones!

Beth N. said...


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