Friday, July 18, 2014

CNN Reporter Refers to Israelis as Scum

Showing little empathy for a city that has seen hundreds of rocket attacks in the last few days, a CNN reporter stood atop a hill in Israel and called residents beside her "scum."

She didn't call the rocket launchers scum; she didn't call the terrorists who had infiltrated Israel in order to murder Jews, "scum" - no, she saved this for a bunch of people who saw their nation finally fighting back.

She claimed that the people where cheering the bombing of Gaza...I saw the clip, I didn't see cheering, though clearly, they were not sorry to finally see Israel on the move to stop 15 years or more of rocket fire.

From the distance, what these people could see, were flares of light bursting up and then going out - that these flares represent rockets was less the point than the feeling that Israel was finally acting on their behalf. Was it right for them to sit up there and watch? Probably not.

Do you think that they were hoping those rockets would strike innocent women and children? That I can assure you was not their wish. What they wanted was for Israel to silence the rockets, blow apart the tunnels, and yes, kill those who have been attempting for days and weeks and months and years to murder them. Isn't that a normal reaction?

To want to see someone who repeatedly attacks you to finally answer for what they've done? Normal for anyone else, according to CNN. For Israelis, that makes us scum.

Diane Magnay quickly deleted her tweet. I guess she realized that calling people scum isn't very professional. I still hope CNN removes her from Israel. I have always believed the phrase "in anger, truth will out."

Clearly, this Magnay woman wasn't pleased that her props were misbehaving. But one might like to remind her that she was standing on OUR land, not hers. That hilltop belongs more to the people of Sderot and if anyone has a right to cheer the end of rocket fire for Sderot, it was those people.

Was it Israel's finest moment? Probably not - but it doesn't come close to the Palestinians cheering 9/11, the murder of the Fogel family, the murder of our three teenage boys...and on and on. I;m not sure if there was scum on that hill last night, but if there was, I can assure you, it wasn't the Israelis.

Update: Though CNN did not fire the reporter, they did immediately reassign her to the Ukraine. It is my sincere hope that she flew a Malaysian jet to get there.  (with apologies to the people of Malaysia)


trish said...

The point about the Sderot Cinema is not whether the audience hope for the rockets to strike innocents, it's the lack of imagination and empathy that leads to just not caring whether they do or not.

And yes, there is this lack of empathy on both sides, and this is what happens in war and what leads to war.

A Soldier's Mother said...

So, Trish - calling people who have suffered hundreds of rocket attacks and a massive fire when a factory was hit by a rocket, causing fear, loss of jobs, etc....calling them scum is the solution?

I agree, they shouldn't have been happy to see their enemies being attacked...I was going to say in the same way their enemies have been attacking them for years, but that wouldn't be true because what they were watching was a precision invasion targeting rockets and tunnels and doing its best to AVOID civilian injuries as opposed to Hamas and Gaza, which have been targeting those very people sitting there up on the hill.

Who the hell is this woman to judge these people and how DARE she call them scum for the very human reaction of feeling satisfaction that finally, finally someone was fighting back on their behalf.

She should be fired from CNN - maybe Al Jazeera can hire her. As I said, it wasn't the Israelis that were the scum on that hilltop last night.

Bracha Goldman said...

Sorry Trish, you are so far off the mark, it's not even funny. We in the South have been suffering from rockets aimed at civilians, coming with a wish to kill, maim and instill fear in us. These terrorists want to wipe us off the face of the earth - all we want, all Israelis, and more fervently, we in the South, is for the IDF to defend us and STOP THE TERROR. The fact that Iron Dome and G-d's hand have protected us does not change what they want to do. It is so telling, for anyone who wants to see and understand that our army is the Israel DEFENSE Forces, we are not and never have been the aggressors.

Find the Beauty said...

Hamas deserves our condemnation. Those who, as civilians, have been subjected to vicious and near continuous attack for over ten years if we are being honest, deserve our sympathy. I didn't see them cheering either. They were watching; as do millions via clips. They finally had hope of relief from the near continuous bombardment. How do you know they didn't "care" that they didn't emphasize with the citizens, the actual non-combatants, not those who just shot off their weapons and blended back in, who have also been the victims of Hamas. Most of my fellow Jews feel a great deal of sympathy for them.

Frank said...

If I were a resident of Sderot I'd cheer,too and I woldn't care what CNN or the world might say about it

Findalis said...

CNN needs Israel for its regional center. Time to shut down CNN and let them fend for themselves.

Gabriella Riboe said...

You should have taken a screenshot of the tweet, so we could have shared it on Internet. Thank you for a very nice blog

Gabriella Riboe said...

Sorry, I just saw that you had taken a screenshot ;)

NancyB said...

I intend to call & write CNN corporate office in Atlanta today to voice my disgust at the biased and unprofessional behavior of that reporter. Thanks for posting this.

I keep wondering what the frail, disabled and/or elderly people who reside in nursing homes do when the sirens blast? No way that staff would have enough people to get all to safe rooms???

I also wonder why do people really so easily ignore the fact that during live interviews Gaza's "leaders" clearly aren't even in Gaza!

Smoking gun. Hamas using children as human shields …

My thoughts and prayers are with all Israelis, but most particularly, the brave men & women of the IDF.

NancyB said...

The point of view that Israel should show “restraint” is preposterous when one considers what the reaction would be in the United States (or ANY country) if Mexican or Canadian terrorists shelled American neighborhoods. Those pleading for the sides to “deescalate” should at least acknowledge that up until the last moments, Israel was trying to broker a deal to avoid further violence. From of all sources, the Arabic daily Al-Hayat reports, “Israel warned Hamas and Islamic Jihad through Egypt on Monday that if the rocket fire persists, the IDF will respond strongly.’ Israel will strike Gaza with a heavy hand if the two movements don’t accept a truce,’ a senior Egyptian official told representatives of the two organizations, according to a Palestinian official."

Meanwhile, Hamas issues absurd demands such as an end to the blockade of the Gaza Strip — which obviously wasn’t stringent enough to keep out scores of weapons; short and long range rockets.

As for the United States, rather than issue nonsensical calls for “restraint,” it would be well advised to at least suspend all aid to the Palestinian Authority until hostilities cease. It should be crystal clear that the P.A. must choose between war and Hamas, on one hand, or a relationship with the United States.

I'm now convinced that the millions the US gives to Gaza annually has been used exclusively to build tunnels, buy more weapons & line the pockets of the terrorist leaders and I'm sick of it!

trish said...

Where in my post have I suggested that calling someone 'scum' is a solution? Straw dog barking again.

I wouldn't call the Sderot cinema goers 'scum' because they apparently enjoy watching bombs drop on other people, but I do think it's pretty shameful behaviour. It's the sort of behaviour that happens when people de-humanise others, and it's scary.

If someone threatened me in the way the reporter was threatened I might call someone scum in the heat of the moment, but again that doesn't make it ok.

An observation: it's odd that those who expect the most empathy seem to find it so difficult to put themselves in the shoes of others - like blaming the parents of the Palestian boys killed on the beach. Should I blame the parents of Israeli children for subjecting them to the terror of rocket fire and sirens?

Findalis said...

She has been reassigned to another part of the world.

In a just society she would be fired and CNN banned from Israel. Maybe someday.

Sabbat Shalom!

NancyB said...


CNN pulled her!

Amish Nick said...

CNN issued a faux apology shortly after.


She deeply regrets the language used, which was aimed directly at those who had been targeting our crew,She certainly meant no offense to anyone beyond that group, and she and CNN apologize for any offense that may have been taken.


Note, she will not be fired. I suspect (And know) All too many who work for CNN are all too pro-Palestine and hate Israel.

She has now been reassigned to cover events in Moscow.

A Soldier's Mother said...


Twice you have used the patronizing and deeply offensive and insensitive term "Sderot cinema".

How's your Hebrew? Doubtful you could understand a word those people were saying. What did you see in that short clip? You saw people watching the IDF in action and there was a slight rise in noise when, we assume, since we can't see it, that they reacted to seeing an explosion.

From that, you who have NO idea what it is like to run for your life knowing that if you don't find a place to hide in FIFTEEN seconds, you could die...YOU decided that their watching done to others what has been done to them for over a decade is "shameful behavior."

Thank you for your lectures on humanity. All of Israel is under rocket fire - from the very north to the south. We have been hit by Syrian mortars, Lebanese rockets and Gaza missiles. There is no inch of Israel that cannot be reached and so we cannot protect our children from the terror and the sirens. But we DO protect them from the rockets because WE build bomb shelters for our children. THEY build bunkers for their leaders.

Obviously, a professional journalist should not be calling ANYONE scum and your attempt to defend her shows more than anything how incredibly anti-Israel you are.

Please spare me and yourself further annoyance and go read blogs from Gaza. I'm sure you can sympathize with the poor people who don't have shelters, but can still afford long range missiles to bomb the farthest corners of Israel. So sad that they need to hide their rockets in mosques and hospitals and homes but thankfully, they could afford an unmanned drone filled with explosives to try to crash it into an Israeli city.

You are welcome to your blind hatred, your judgmental arrogance. I would choose to live in this country - sirens and rockets and all, rather than anywhere else in the world.

trish said...

ASN, how is it blind hatred and jusgemental arrogance to point out that some behaviour is just plain wrong, no matter who is guilty of it?

More than one journalist has witnessed what is going on there, and this isn't the first time. I vividly remember similar scenes videoed in 2009.

I have also been at pains to say above that this sort of reaction happens on both sides - the dehumanising effect of war. I can understand why people react like this, but I don't have to agree with it.

As to defending the journalist, I merely said I understood why she would call some people scum if they had threatened and frightened her, again I didn't say she was right.

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