Thursday, July 24, 2014

Even the Banks Show Love

The first time I felt love come from a bank...okay, it wasn't a bank exactly but it was from one of the top people who work at our bank...was when Elie was in the Cast Lead War and I told myself I had to work (kind of like I'm telling myself), so I called the bank about something and got Rachel.

Rachel seems to be the single most amazing worker at my bank - everything is, "Did you speak to Rachel?" or "I'm sorry, Rachel isn't in today, can you call back tomorrow?"

So Rachel answered and I said hello and before I could tell her what was needed, she asked me how my son was, where he was. I told her that I didn't know where he was, that it looked like they would send him (they sent him the next day) and I hadn't spoken to him today. She told me things would be okay, and then she blessed him. I could barely speak; my eyes were filled with tears (see Drat, I Lost It).

I have to head home's Thursday afternoon and I promised to join a member of the City Council tomorrow for a couple of hours as my city comes together to donate toys and candies to children in Sderot who have spent the last few weeks mostly in or very close to bomb shelters. I had to check the bank for a second and then was prepared to leave.

Instead, I am sitting here writing this post - yet another post today...because as I opened the website to check the balance, my brilliant and beautiful and caring daughter sighed and said, "look what they wrote."


All over Israel, there is such an incredible sense of unity and love. Sure, we fight among ourselves but let someone from outside threaten us and there is no bond stronger on this planet than the one that binds the people of Israel.

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