Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gaza Lies - Not Most Densely Populated At All

Among the many lies Gaza loves to spread is the idea that we have stolen their land and that they are packed in like sardines. History proves we didn't steal anything. A small portion of what is today the State of Israel was offered to the Palestinians - they responded with a firm no...sort of like the firm no they gave yesterday to the idea of a ceasefire.

Since then, in addition to whining because they lost, they are also whining about how crowded they are...and in that, comes one of their most common lies - we are the most densely packed population on earth...not even close, Gaza, not even close.

Like Paris, Athens, New York, Milan, even Tel Aviv is more densely packed. And best of all, these statistics come from the UN and no one but no one can be stupid enough to suggest they are on our side in this conflict.

Truth DOES win out, Gaza. It really does.


Anonymous said...

Try comparing like with like: the density of population in Gaza City is one of the highest in the world.

NancyB said...

Excellent graphic as proof. The facts are the facts. I don't think that a broad portion of the world's population (I know that in the US where I live that this fact is not widely known, even by Jews)are cognizant that they were offered a state of their own by the UN at the time when Israel was declared a nation. They refused!

Stay safe!

trish said...

I see you only publish comments which agree with your world view. Why is that?

A Soldier's Mother said...

Hi Anonymous - thanks for having the courage to add your name...sort of like Gaza firing at civilians and hiding behind their women, but never mind.

I'm a bit confused. The entire graphic actually...ready...compares the density of the population of many areas in the world to Gaza...oh wait, you want us only to focus on Gaza City...oh, good game to play with numbers...and tell me - whose choice is it to live in Gaza City? You do realize that Palestinians have complete freedom of movement within Gaza so therefore they have the choice to live in Gaza City or anywhere else within the area (or they are welcome to leave). Reality check - life is good for them there - plenty of food, beautiful coastline...well, it was until they started routing their sewer water sorry...but your attempt to propagate the same lies again and again fall flat...again...

A Soldier's Mother said...

Well, Trish - I try to publish all comments so long as they are polite and don't use objectionable phrasing such as referring to Israelis as Nazis (absurd as that is and ridiculous enough to almost laugh at) or use curse words, threaten the lives of my children, or promote anti-Semitism. Those are pretty much my rules.

As for the delay in posting, my country has been under constant attack from Gaza. The city where my parents live was bombed today; the village where my sister lives was also warned to get into protected rooms. Friends all over Israel, north and south had seconds to run to bomb shelters. One friend had to lay on the road with her children as she heard the missiles flying over her head towards Tel Aviv - a major city, not a military target. So I apologize if I didn't get to your comment quite soon enough to accommodate your needs and I hope you'll grant me a bit of leeway - at least until your country is bombed 100 times a day by a fanatical culture that worships death and places little value on human life...including that of their own citizens.

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