Tuesday, July 22, 2014

God Bless This Man

This man is our answer to all those who say Israel is an apartheid land. His name, may God bless him, is Rasan Alian. He is a member of the Druze community in Israel.

He is also a Colonel in the army of Israel, Commander of the Golani Brigade. A few days ago, he was moderately wounded, mostly in the face, including his eyes. He was evacuated, fully conscious, to the hospital, knowing that his men were still fighting, probably knowing that several had already been killed in action.

As the doctors were taking care of him, he was demanding that they release him so that he could get back to his men. They wanted him to stay in the hospital; he demanded that he be released. He was ordered to stay in the hospital and still he argued.

Today, he was released from the army and went straight back to his men. He is dedicated to the land of Israel and the State of Israel. He is not Jewish but he understands that only in this land, of all the nations in the Middle East, only in Israel is there such incredible respect for individuals as human beings. There is no apartheid in Israel - if there were, an intelligent and dedicated man such as Colonel Rasan Alian would not dedicate his life to serving it.

May God bless Rasan Alian with a full and speedy recovery. May God and Rasan continue to watch over the blessed soldiers of Golani as they continue defending our country.

Thank you, Colonel - from every Israeli. You have our thanks, our respect, and our love.


Lisa said...

More than just a hero to Israelis. He is a hero to all Jews everywhere. May he be successful in his mission and return safely, speedily and whole-heartedly to his family!

Anonymous said...

May God bless and protect him and all the other righteous gentiles of the world. May there be many more like him. All it takes it courage to stand up in the face of evil and join to banish it forever.

Anonymous said...

To Israel i write with abundant love
it is only in G-D that you are allowed to trust
Not in an iron drone to protect your homes
but rather in the prayer we pray each night
Where G-D will protect us with all G-D’S might
where a thousand will fall at our left indeed
And a myriad at our right if only we heed
to the Sinai miracle in which we believe
Why should we the worlds opinion behold
we must adhere to Torah like we been told
We are not weak or scared but very bold
may G-D please have mercy on every Jewish soul

Mordechai Y. Scher said...


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