Sunday, July 27, 2014

How Gaza Chose a Tunnel over a School....and....

It's hard to believe that a caring government would choose to build a weapon, an attack tunnel over dozens of schools, mosques, homes and medical centers. Oh wait, we're not talking about a caring government, we're talking about Hamas. Never mind....


NancyB said...

#US media is reporting that each tunnel has a cost of 1 million. I wonder why the #'s are different. I am not disputing the 3 million figure. The point of your article is one I am in agreement with.

Anonymous said...

Just disgusting...hard to imagine how they look like humans, smell like humans, sort of talk like humans, but are actually VERMIN.

Sammy Finkelman said...

NO, it is not hard to believe, it's imposisble to believe.

The people running Gaza are not caring government, to say the least.

That's a given.

The question is, does Israel want (or dare to ask) to get rid of that government? Is it more afraid of what would follow? Did the Israeli government not ask in 1982 that the PLO get out of Beirut?

No peace is possible with that government, not even a ceasefire that lasts more than a minimal amount of time. That seems to be clear, too.

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