Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Should We Respond?

How would the world respond?

Well, if you were to listen to President Obama, we should show restraint. We should consider that maybe if we let them shoot...I don't know...30,000 rockets at us and if they don't manage to murder a ton of us...they might get tired.

Amira sent me this clip - I've been meaning to put it up...

Proportional response? In what world? They fired artillery at us yesterday...these are not homemade rockets...and if they are, the fact that their homes produce such weapons speaks volumes.

Perhaps there is more truth in the White House portrayed in this show than in the real White House? Perhaps, Bibi, perhaps what Israel needs is the Disproportional Response...


sheldan said...

Again, only Israel is called to show restraint (although the Palestinians were also called to show restraint, they don't seem to be showing restraint as intended), since the United States knows that Israel is supposed to listen and accede to these demands.

Restraint? We have already restrained ourselves, and the problem is still there. It makes no sense, but we are expected to play along because the President of the United States wants us to.

Mr. President, "proportional response" does not work with these enemies. It is time that Israel do whatever it needs to destroy Hamas, regardless of whatever the rest of the world thinks.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago I saw the photos taken from the air after the US bombed Dresden Germany in WW2. One set was for the American public, the other were the actual pictures, evidence of a far worse devastation. The US "sanitized: their actions. Who are they to preach morals to Israel. Did they not napalm Vietnam? Did they not give the A bomb to Japan? What gives them the right to discuss how Israel should conduct wars?

Anonymous said...

Israel is being expected to behave like a dhimmi. A dhimmi is a non-Muslim living under Muslim rule. Dhimmis were not allowed to have weapons and were not allowed to strike a Muslim. Ever. They had NO right of self-defence. If a Muslim attacked/ kicked/ robbed/ raped/ shoved/ or attempted to murder a dhimmi, the dhimmi had to either try to run away, or beg and plead with the attacker to stop, or...just sit there and take it. Up to and including getting killed. People who visited the land of Israel in the 17th through 19th centuries, and who visited other Muslim lands in the same period, saw this kind of thing happening all the time: Muslims picking on and viciously mistreating the dhimmis (Jew or Christian) and the dhimmis simply...*taking* it, cowering like whipped dogs or severely-abused children. Check out the "Pact of Omar" - google it. It's horrible. And now the nations of the world are demanding that Israelis must be good little submissive dhimmis: that they must take hit after hit after hit from the attacking Jew-hating - indeed, genocidal - Muslims, but that they must NOT EVER respond or defend themselves effectively. Because, you see, Muslims are allowed to HIT anytime they like; but dhimmis are not allowed to hit back. To understand dhimmitude - read Bat Yeor, and also Mark Durie's "The Third Choice".

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