Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Need To Work

There. I wrote it. My mind is so preoccupied. It does a few things...and then I come back and check the news. Which is so stupid because I have a site opened which will automatically beep if there is an incoming missile attack. Already there have been several today.

My hands close the page and my brain begins to focus on this long document that needs to be combined with another, fused and edited and then finished and delivered. I still have a proposal for a new client; I have to check on that new writer. I need to outline the new project that we closed last week and decide whether I'll do the work or bring in a writer.

The document stares back at me from one monitor, while my eyes move to the second monitor and without thinking, I check the news...which is stupid because I would hear beeping and there is none. The heading would change from Color Red to ALERT - ALERT - ALERT...but it's quiet for these last few minutes.

And so I go back to work...and then after a few minutes, I go back again to check.

I can only be glad that I am my own boss, that I bill per hour and so will likely bill only a few minutes per hour because...I check the news...which is stupid because...

"I need to work", says my head.

"But my country is at war; we have over 120 soldiers that have been wounded. There's a funeral I wanted to go to happening right now; families sitting in mourning," answers my heart.

The human brain can only take so much, my heart acknowledges wisely to itself. There are so many things the brain simply can't understand. "Give yourself a break."

"I'm not a soldier; nothing I can do will help," answers the brain, "I might as well work."

"How can you work at a time like this?" Asks the heart with all the understanding only a heart can have. It understands the brain's distress, it feels it too. "Give yourself a break. You don't have to post every missile attack, every siren, every death. You think you are the only one who knows how to use Facebook?"

"No, of course not. Look at the Muqata! He's posting everything and where DOES he get all that information so fast," my brain responds.

"Well, you can't be the Muqata," says my heart, "duh. NO one can be the Muquata. That Jameel is...well, anyway, you're only human."

"What, and Jameel is not? And what about the Brian from London guy, and the Israellycool? You think they're sitting around not posting stuff?"

"Didn't you say you need to work?" asks my heart.

"Yeah, I need to work....did you hear about the soldier who proposed to his girlfriend right there in the field?"

"Yes, it was a beautiful story. And you posted it. Now close Facebook."

"But what if something happens?" my heart asks. "I'm just going to check one more time..."

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Mrs. Prince said...

I am American by birth, and Jewish, but my heart and my child is B'Mizrach, in the East. You are my source, you express my heart. (Ok, sometimes you are a bit too harsh for the world to hear, but it is not as though the world is listening to what we do and say when we behave according to Torah precepts, like treating Palestinians in Israeli hospitals. So please, what ever work you have, if it can wait, and you are ok income-wise, please keep posting. Abby Prince, New Jersey

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