Sunday, July 6, 2014

Perspectives on Violence

Last night, two buses coming to my neighborhood, the buses I and my children take daily, was stoned. In one case, the driver (who is an Arab) was hurt. He was able to pull the bus to the side of the road, though that potentially endangered the passengers even more until security was able to get to them and another bus stopped to pick up the passengers.

Red Alert Karmia, Zikim

Last Thursday night, another bus was stoned.

Four minutes ago - another COLOR RED on Hof Ashkelon from GAZA terrorists

Today and yesterday, my neighborhood is having discussions about how we should behave on the buses, whether the drivers should be armed.

And another color red attack Shaar HaNegev, Sdot Negev...

Missiles are hitting Israel despite a supposed cease-fire, and Davidi just left to Jerusalem on the bus. He is 18 years old and has only 2 months to be free. Then he will enter the pre-army program, followed by the army. Two months...and then four years. He likes to meet with his friends. 

Another rocket attack 2 minutes ago - Askelon this time and Sdot Negev

I just want him to come home safe....

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