Monday, July 14, 2014

Random Stories of Israelis Under Fire

A collection of Facebook stores, minus any identification.

From Tel Aviv:

Yesterday afternoon:

Shortly ago I was waiting for the bus in Tel Aviv surrounded by dozens on other Israelis who were just trying to carry on with their day. When the first siren went off, everyone looked around and quickly realizing that there was no where to run, we collectively made the decision to stay in the bus stop, kneel down and protect ourselves and each other.

The old lady beside me was unable to bend down, so two other people held bags over her head to protect her, totally exposing themselves. The old lady's tears and screams triggered my own fears and caused me to also start crying.
The secular girl beside me, wearing jeans, tank top and smoking a cigarette took my head and put in in her lap covering my head with both her body and both hands as she recited Tehillim [Psalms]. This random girl protected me throughout the first and second siren and made sure that I was okay to get home alone after we stood up.

I couldn't feel prouder to be part of this special nation. Am Israel Chai! [The nation of Israel lives!] And may Hashem [God] continue protecting us all!

A Call to Obama

Where are President Obama's words of outrage at Palestinian terror rockets against Israel's civilian population since June 12?

Where are President Obama's words of support for Israel fighting against the Palestinian Islamic terror regime in Gaza?

While the people of Gaza suffer under the Hamas terror regime that brings them violence and destruction, Hamas leader, Ismail Haniya and his cronies jet off to luxurious safety in Qatar.

From the center of the country, hours after a siren sent her to the bomb shelter

I like to pride myself on being able to stay calm. But something happened to me last night. I am still shaking inside. Food has no taste. I feel ill. My back and neck are a mess. Bleah.

From the South:

A young couple from #Netivot, (a southern city in #Israel) who planned on celebrating the perfect, one in a lifetime, wedding, but due to the constant HEAVY attacks on #Israel for the last week, and the fact that many of their guests canceled their attendance, They were settled for a small, modest wedding.

During the celebration, sraeli soldiers on reserve duty gathered outside the synagogue which the wedding was taken place in. They decided on encourage the disappointed couple, and put a smile on their faces.
So they dedicated them few songs.
The bride was touched by this jester;
"This stuff can only happen here is Israel" she said

And as if the timing weren't so amazing- incoming missile attack Be'er Tuvia.

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tirza said...

I hope the terror will end soon. God bless you and take care.

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