Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Random Voices from Israel - Continued

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with the voices I hear coming from all over Israel...sometimes...often, I am driven to tears and have the strongest desire to make these voices heard more loudly.

11:19 After 2 hours without missiles, once again, sirens in communities nearest to Gaza.

From Miriam - a mother and grandmother living very close to the border with Gaza:
Yesterday evening the booming was relentless. My house was shaking and the walls were vibrating with 2 pictures falling. During the night it quiet down a little and there were only missiles to Shaar HaNegev and Sdot Negev very early this morning. This morning. our jets are back doing their job.
From a Canadian - posting to fellow Canadians:
A fellow Canadian posted on his status: I said I would not do this but I am just too pissed off right now not to tell you how I feel. As a usually polite Canadian I am going to shock all my friends and family living outside Israel. How would you like to be woken up at 2:30 in the morning with an air raid siren blasting in your ear? You now have less than a minute to run to a shelter? Then you hear a loud boom. Think about it the next time you decide to criticize Israeli military actions in Gaza. Think about the next time you decide to side with terrorists. Please spare me the crocodile tears for the victims in Gaza. The Arabs have made their choice. Our government and our IDF must stop this war crime against our civilians and pay for the deaths of our brave and young IDF soldiers.
From Devorah - who lives very close to Gaza - in the 8-15 second zone:

It's after 23:10 and I'm in bed. At this rate, there is no way we are going to get any sleep tonight. Between the sirens, the iron dome blowing the missiles out of the sky and the army bombing Aza.....way too noisy to sleep.
For over a week we haven't felt the IDF attacking Aza like tonight. Our home is 9 km from the fighting and it feels as though the bombing is in our front & back yard. Allow me to explain something, our home is built from cement blocks and its shaking like a leaf. The windows and doors are rattling as though someone is trying to get in. The very strong explosions are waking the young children and scaring the older ones.
Please to not misunderstand me. I am proud of our PM for continuing this necessary war. We must deal with the threat of the tunnels and rockets. We must crush the Hamas.
I just want you to understand what the residents of the south are going through.
We support the government.
We support the IDF.
We support each other...and are prepared to continue living with the noisy days and nights in order to end this immediate threat to our lives.
OK, that's it.

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