Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Random Voices from Israel - Part 2

This is from Deborah in Maale Adumim - a neighbor of mine. During a phone meeting, the siren went off and she had to go running to the shelter. The other person, who was in the United States, wrote her a note and this was Deborah's response.

During our phone meeting, we ran to our shelter in our home in Maale Adumim, and a rocket landed less than 2 miles away in our industrial zone.

We all heard the boom from our shelter within 1 minute, and we heard the police and ambulance sirens shortly afterward.

We thought it was Iron Dome, but then the mayor sent a message later that the rocket landed.

I came back to our meeting like nothing happened, and that is the resilience and strength of the Jewish people.

I have three boys in different parts of the northern part of Israel right now, and all are tired from having to go into shelters during the night because of barrages of missiles.

I know our long history well. These attacks started long before there was Israel. So the world can stop blaming Israel. This is just Jew-hatred. I watch the US news, and it causes me great pain when they try to draw the images of disproportionate force or aggression from Israel. Since the killing of three Israelis and the first strike from Israel, more than 150 missiles struck Israel over three week period, and not a single mention on CNN.

All the coverage was on the Arab boy who was murdered, which every Jew condemns. Even that particular boy, by the way, has a photo from his social media dressed in Jihad and proudly giving their now famous solute of three fingers in celebration of three Jews who were murdered.

That is the huge difference between the two sides. One celebrates murder, the other condemns and avoids at all cost. The mothers of the three Jewish boys wanted to pay a condolence call to the family of the slain Arab, and they were refused. They also refused Simon Peres, Netanyahu, and the Chief Rabbi of Israel, among others.

You might not have heard about that on CNN. Not a single Arab or Arab leader paid condolence to the families of the slain Jews. Image what a powerful message that could have sent the world if mothers of mourning from both sides could have embraced and asked for peace. But this is not the image or message that the Arab family wanted to send.

My father’s side comes from Iran, and I was raised with their stories, how my grandmother’s mother was raped and killed by Arabs, how they had no rights of ownership or in the “justice” system. They were second class citizens. All the calls of Apartheid are not only far from the truth here in Israel, but it is in fact what the Arabs practice in their own countries.

My mother’s side comes from Russia and Poland, and of course they were almost all murdered. I am not running away anymore, and with nowhere to go to, like the famous St. Louis ship that sent thousands of Jews back to the gas chambers because every country refused to accept them. Two thousand years of running away is enough.

Just know that Gaza is not “occupied.” It was given to the Arabs, and in return, they create a terrorists camp and they teach their kids from birth to hate via their versions of sesame street. Another thing you won’t see on CNN.

That would be the same thing that would happen in Judea and Samaria (referred to as the West Bank) if it were given to the Arabs. Just another terrorist state. If there was a guarantee of peace, even the most right wing Jews would give our land away in exchange for peace. But we know that that is not their aim. Hamas still has in their charter the total destruction of Israel. They speak of it on their state television constantly.

How is that any different from Hitler’s calling for the extermination of Jews from the world, with a future museum of the exterminated race in Prague?

Just know the truth, stand for the truth, and stand for Israel. We are the most moral people in all the world, just trying to survive, and wishing we could avoid death and destruction. I cannot understand why the world refuses to see or know the truth, but this has been the case throughout time.

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