Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Random Voices from Israel - Part 3

Many are talking about the ceasefire that was agreed to by the Cabinet of the State of Israel...here are some things appearing on my Facebook page and messages I am getting from friends.

  • For once, I agree with the Hamas: "Israel has completely surrendered!". This is a day of humiliation and mourning for the Jewish nation and the
    G-d of Israel.
  • Bottom line..we have 7 of our grandchildren who live in the South with rockets exploding on their heads....this 'agreement' stinks big time....While Bibi and our government play the waiting diplomat game...my grandchildren and thousands of other citizen's grandchildren are in mortal danger. God, please protect us from ourselves and keep our children and grandchildren safe.
  • There went that.. Tzava adom (Color Red warning siren)
  • Maybe Hamas thinks it is a one sided cease fire??
  • We just had missiles overhead in Kiryat Melachi! So much for a cease fire!
  • Can somebody please inform Hamas that we've agreed to a ceasefire.... Um that means, STOP bombing us! How do you say that in Arabic???
  • 3 sirens in an hour - my husband wants to know what Rehovot has done?
More coming soon...

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