Sunday, July 27, 2014

Terrorism...Simply, Clearly, Without Question...Terrorism

Cleared for Publication

Statement from Israel Police Spokesperson:

Israel Border Police stop car loaded with explosives on its way to a terror attack.

Israel Border policemen stopped a suspected car this morning (Sunday) near Beitar Illit. The policemen noticed the driver behaving strangely and ordered him to shut off his engine. After the drive hesitated, one of the policemen reached into the car to turn off the engine, and the drive started driving with the policemen half in the car.
After a few meters, the policeman managed to draw his weapon, aim it at the suspect and order him to stop, The suspect stopped the car and was arrested, and handed over the the Shabak for interrogation.
The car was checked by Israeli police bomb squads and in it were gas balloons and pipe bombs filled with explosives. Large forces arrived at the area to neutralize the bomb.

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