Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Emotions of War

Fear is having your elderly parents driving to a doctor's appointment and being responsible for calling them to take cover from Hamas rockets. Fear is getting a phone call from your son that there had been a rocket attack on your parents' city, but for some reason, the web application didn't ring in my office. Fear is hearing the rocket hit an open field, just one of many rockets that breaks the ceasefire we agreed to honor. Fear is not knowing where your child is when a siren indicating a missile has been fired at you begins all around you.

Bewilderment is trying to understand how the UN can condemn us while ignoring Hamas breaking ceasefire after ceasefire. It is the endless wonder why journalists from major media outlets like BBC fall, again and again, for fake pictures coming from Syria as the publish them with captions saying they are from Gaza. Bewilderment is what we feel when we are doing our best to avoid civilian casualties; they are doing their best to cause civilian casualties, and we are the ones asked why so many are dying. Bewilderment is looking at the clear and overwhelming pattern of a list of 600 Palestinian dead.

Anger is knowing as you sit in Jerusalem, your elderly parents are running to take shelter from Gaza rockets. Anger is knowing that we have lost more soldiers; that more civilians have been hurt in a war we did not start. Anger is knowing that we are showing tremendous restraint. That at any moment, we could give in to the anger, surrender to the worldwide condemnations and do exactly what they are accusing us of doing. No, we are NOT committing genocide, but we could simply by doing what Gaza is attempting to do. They are firing countless rockets - probably close to 3,000 by now, at our cities. If we were to fire 3,000 rockets indiscriminately at Gaza, it would be rubble from the northern most point to the southernmost point.

Love is the feeling coming from all over Israel. We can't do enough to help each other in these difficult times. All over Israel, people are collecting toys for the children in southern areas; food and necessary items for the soldiers. El Al has flown parents of wounded soldiers in for free and flown to Turkey to bring our stranded citizens home.

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Rickismom said...

Paula, your posts, as always, are terrifically good.

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