Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Love of a Nation

Once again, our reserve soldiers are being asked to put their lives on hold, leave their families, and take up arms to defend out country.

I have heard of one soldier who has left his pregnant wife behind, scared and proud. I have seen the picture of a father kissing his young daughter goodbye and promising her he will be safe and come home soon. I have seen pictures of young soldiers kissing their wives and girlfriends - and in one case, his two week old baby, as they go off to what may or may not turn into a full war.

And I have seen offers from many places - come in to our restaurant in uniform - and have a burger for free, a sandwich and a drink, coffee. Anything we can give you, free because we love you.

One mother on my Facebook feed wrote this:

Yesterday my son [in uniform] stopped in a store to buy some almonds. When he went to pay, the owner told him to just take them and enjoy.

This love we have for our children is as old as the state...older even. All over Israel, families are opening their homes, hotels and hostels are offering deeply discounted rates to families who want to get away from the missile-hit areas. The only problem is that as Hamas and Gaza expand their target range, more and more of Israel is coming under fire.

And yet...we are a nation who loves and cares for our own. We are on our own in so many ways.

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