Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Number of Palestinian Casualties

I started this post to explain how the 200+ Palestinian casualties that they are claiming is in fact a falsehood. I would have admitted, with all honesty, that many were innocent, like the four children who were playing on a beach that Israel had shelled several times this week because of suspicious activities. I would have refrained from asking whether you as a parent would have allowed your children, in the middle of a war, to go to an area you knew was under enemy surveillance (they can SEE our Navy ships out there).

I would have readily admitted that we shot at a building, warning the residents to flee and then we sent in a powerful missile to destroy the Hamas target. We didn't see when a bunch of delusional civilians took their wives and children back into the building, causing more casualties. I would have mentioned that our policy was and is that if we identify civilians in the area, especially children, we abort the mission. If Gaza were bothering to try to see in advance what they were firing at, and if they noticed a bunch of children, they'd tell their "fighters" to hurry up and shoot!

With a lot of research, I could easily do the work that will be done after this operation stops, when there is time. Slowly, we will sift through their claims to find, as we did last time, duplications of names, names of people already dead, perhaps even names of people who never existed. All part of the Gaza fog with which they attempt to deceive the world. There were 5,000 injured in Jenin, they told the world...there were 52 and 41 of those were combatants.

I have no doubt that we will find that many, dare I say most, of their precious martyrs were sent to their god and their virgins while trying to kill Israelis. This includes the Islamic Jihad's commander of rocket fire for the entire Gaza area who was 24 when his motorcycle met a targeted Israeli missile. It might well include the 13 Arabs who infiltrated into Israel last night through a tunnel on their way, as they've tried several times before, to attack a Jewish village, an Israeli home. They will be among the 200.

I started to do that and then I got an alert and quickly switched to various sites I monitor. For the last few days, about 18 hours a day, I am posting where there are sirens. I'm not sure why I am doing it - mostly because I think the world needs to know what it is like to live this way and maybe my annoying, endless "Sirens here" and "Sirens there" will awaken in some an understanding of what is happening. Each time I post that, it means there are tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people running to shelters, sitting there, waiting to hear a boom.

So I switched windows on my computer and saw the area being warned. I keep saying that I'm calm in a crisis. I used to be. I remember once we had something in my family and while everyone else was crying, I remained calm and thinking...until it was over and then, while everyone was smiling and laughing, I sat down and started crying. I've been that way all my life...but now I'm not.

I sometimes say that the more competent my children become, the more they become thinking, acting, aware adults, the more I become the child. Davidi had to guide me into the bomb shelter a week ago during our first attack. I fell apart, starting crying, nearly sobbing in fear because we were home alone, which meant everyone else was outside, Aliza, I begged him. Call Abba. Call Amira. Call Elie and Shmulik...the poor guy could only dial one number at a time and still he stayed patient and calm.

And as I scanned the list of places this morning, I realized that where my parents live was on the list. I called my parents and woke them up and told them to get in the bomb shelter. Have you ever told your parents to get in a bomb shelter? Have you ever waited those seconds till you hear where it hit.

Iron Dome knocked down two rockets in their area. No rockets landed. No one was killed.

I can't help but think this is not why Google Maps was created- to show the places under attack. By the way - every one of those dots indicates an area in which civilians live; no, not army installations, but elderly couples in their late 70s and early 80s who had to be awakened by their daughters...and now they are upset because they didn't wake up from the siren itself.

I have written many times that I do not hate Arabs. To assume that I do is a simpleton's interpretation, an easy fix. I respond that I hate what they do, like sending 1,300 or more rockets at 6 million Israelis. At this moment, I have to admit, that there is within me such anger that it could cross the line into hatred.

The UN asked us to hold our fire from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. so that Gaza civilians will be able to go restock their pantries, get a little sun, and all that. We have agreed, as we did in Cast Lead...

I can't even tell you whether the UN bothered to ask Hamas; I can tell you that no one has told us we can freely go out to shop and we don't have to worry about being with 15 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds from shelter. And even if they did agree, we wouldn't be stupid enough to trust them.

We are, after all, infidels, and so they have their god's blessing to lie it it will more easily bring them victory.

No, I can't talk about the number of Palestinian casualties while thinking of my parents going to a bomb shelter, hearing air raid sirens, and wondering where Gaza's rockets will hit. Let them count their dead while doing little to avoid injuries. Let them do what they want because ultimately, that frees us to fight. The more they fire, the more they try, the greater is the power of Israel because ultimately, we will tell the nearly silent world, the hypocritical United Nations - go to hell.

We are not the Jews of the 1800s anymore. Yes, our civilians are in hiding but this time between us and our enemy stands one of the mightiest armies in the world, each made stronger by the knowledge that he fights to protect his home, his family. This is not a war of aggression. We want nothing from Gaza other than that they leave us alone in peace and stop firing rockets at our cities.

And they way or another...they will.


Anonymous said...

May our mutual Lord God bless you and your children as you go about your daily lives.

Surprisingly, I'm less tolerant than you of those launching rockets at you and rejoicing in the slaughter of your civilian population. I went to elementary school with some Islamists, and as far as I'm concerned wiping them off the face of the earth would make it a better place.

There's certainly not going to be any peaceful coexistence with individuals demanding your extermination - who claim you're still occupying their land, when you've withdrawn your forces from the land that was theirs.

sheldan said...

Sometimes we need to ignore the rest of the world (including the President, if necessary) and do what needs to be done to rid ourselves of the threat once and for all. I have a feeling this time may be different from the other times we had to invade Gaza.

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