Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Weapons of Gaza

Yesterday, Gaza used many weapons against both our soldiers and our country. They sent their "soldiers" through yet another of these tunnels into Israel. They were caught on our side but the cost to Israel was two soldiers...two men one in his forties, one only 20. This is war, though one could wish that Hamas would fight more as soldiers and less as cowards.

As soon as the terrorists, who were hoping to infiltrate and murder Israelis in their homes, encountered an army force, they fired, through grenades, and scurried back like mice through the tunnel.

In addition, the Gazans used two somewhat unique weapons - unique to them because what civilized country or people would employ such things.

They loaded a donkey full of explosives and sent it along its way towards Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint. What do you do when a donkey begins walking towards you? It is, in relative terms, just an animal...have you ever abused an animal? Why would you? The soldiers allowed the donkey to move closer and when they felt they had enough evidence to believe the unbelievable (unbelievable except this isn't the first time the Arabs have done this and so the soldiers were ready), they shot the donkey.

Yes, Israelis soldiers killed the donkey. On second thought, perhaps not. The bullet likely hit some of the explosives that the donkey had been forced to carry and so in the ensuing explosion, the donkey died. I think we can credit Palestinian with this barbarity.

Also yesterday, an old Palestinian man approached soldiers at a checkpoint and asked for their assistance. This happens all the time, and the soldiers of Israel, trained by their Jewish mothers to respect the elderly, went forward to assist him. As they got close, the old man pulled out hand grenades and started throwing them at the soldiers. Alert soldiers on guard shot the old man.

So, today, the weapons of Gaza are old men and asses.

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NancyB said...

I also read that IDF found homes in Gaza rigged with explosives.

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