Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This is War...

Israelis seem to love to declare operations. I can't count how many operations I've lived through in the 21 years since I moved here. Some of the names, especially when translated

Sirens being heard in Israeli communities surrounding Gaza now.

when translated into

More sirens indicating incoming rockets for Israeli communities surrounding Gaza now.

into English. Some are poignant. Like Operation Shuvu Achim, Operation Return Brothers, which was conducted to search for three kidnapped and murdered Israeli teens - Elad, Gilad, and Naftali.

Some lend themselves to jokes. I won't even begin to list what some of my friends wrote on Facebook when it was announced that the working name of this current conflict was Tsuk Eitan - Protective Edge.

But Israel is making a mistake by continuing to call this an Operation and not a War. I don't now the legal ramifications (national and international) that relate to what a conflict is called. I know some of the detrimental effects that resulted during the Second Lebanon War because recognition of this status was only conferred after the "operation" ended.

But from a psychological point of view, and certainly from an international perspective, we are involved in a war...and not JUST a war, a war they began by shooting rockets at us (or more specifically, drastically increasing the number of rockets).

A war is something that takes place between two entities. Each side is fighting - either by the rules or not, but still, two sides are fighting. An Operation is one conducted by a country - with no inferred or action required by the other side.

More sirens - Israeli communities surrounding Gaza now.

This is most definitely not a one-sided operation by Israel. Perhaps, we started Operation Protective Edge - but Hamas and the Gazans started this war. Call it what it is...

Israel is once again fighting a war. 


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