Sunday, July 20, 2014

Trying to Get the Message Across...

How do you explain to anyone what it is like here in Israel at this moment?

Sirens in surrounding Gaza communities now

That remains one of our hardest challenges - not because we are wrong but because pictures, especially the fake ones coming from Syria that are being used again and again, speak louder than words, even the words that are true.

Because pictures of dead children in Gaza speak louder than terrified children in Israel, even if the deaths of those innocent Gaza children could have been avoided if Hamas had accepted the ceasefire agreement, if Hamas didn't hide behind civilians, using them as human shields.

Sirens in surrounding Gaza communities now 

It has become a numbers game - they have 300+ dead, we have 5. Therefore, think the ignorant, we must be to blame; we must be causing a massacre. The vast majority of those who have died, this time like every other time, are combatants - like the one killed yesterday in Israel as he came though a tunnel intending to murder Israelis, like the rocket commander for Islamic Jihad, like the teams of rocket launchers caught in the act, like the 8 who infiltrated near a small village. Again and again, these are combatants...

And yes, innocent Palestinians have died in this conflict. Why? Ask yourself why. Israel has warned civilians away from certain buildings and areas...only to see hundreds of civilians on the roof tops protecting the buildings. Shouldn't a parent hide their children in bomb shelters, not take them on top of roofs?

Anyway, two interesting sites I have found may give you a sense of what it is like in Israel right now:

1.  - Imagine if Gaza were targeting YOUR city, not mine.

Enter the name of a city near you...

2. this is the minutes, seconds and if we are lucky, hours since the last rocket attack. Where in the world, other than Israel, would such a site be possible? And worst of all is the sad and chilling reality - this is Israel today.

and then seconds ago, as I type...another attack. How long has Israel been rocket free....

Sirens in communities surrounding Gaza now 

Most of the rockets are being fired towards Israeli cities with the desperate home that they will hit. There is, most clearly, an intention to harm civilians.

Again...sirens in surrounding Gaza communities now 

We have seen miracle after miracle in the last 12 days, but equally true, our entire population is working to keep this miracle going. My grandson's little nursery class of three-year-olds was taken into a bomb shelter after a "pretend" attack. He came home to describe it to his mother. The sound was like "wee-ooo, wee-oo, wee-oooo" he said in a voice that would be even more adorable if it weren't describing a missile attack.

We have built a miracle in the Iron Dome - a shield that now covers the entire State of Israel. Developed here in Israel by people who knew their work was holy, that they were defending the skies above the heads of their own families.

Ashkelon hearing sirens now

And we have an amazing team of people working hard to spread awareness. This is what is happening now in Israel...hour after hour while we fight a war that has two goals...we are NOT trying to capture Gaza. We are NOT trying to hurt Palestinian civilians or innocents, most importantly not their children.

We are trying to stop the rockets and we are trying to discover and destroy the tunnels from which they are attempting to infiltrate our country. One was found in the very center of a small village; more than twenty have been discovered already.

They are built with cement walls - the very cement the United Nations demands we allow to enter Gaza. It's only building materials, not weapons, cry the humanitarian organizations - the very organizations who are ignoring the incessant bombing of six million Israelis.

Sirens in Ashkelon areas - several...and in communities surrounding Gaza now  

I posted this picture a few days ago - this is how it looks most days in Israel...this is a google map overlaid with incoming missile warnings. You don't have to read Hebrew to understand much. I will tell you on the lower left portion of the map - you can see "Aviv Yaffo" - the "Tel" of Tel Aviv is covered, along with the city where my parents life, where my sister works. Where several of my clients are located, where many of my friends live. This is the reality of Israel today - these are cities, where people live; not military bases, not areas from which terrorists are firing. And there are no UN schools which suddenly woke up and admitted that terrorists were hiding 20 rockets in their basement.

Do you know how big a rocket is? Do you really think someone could carry 20 rockets into the UNRWA school without anyone knowing?

The truth, the real and honest truth is that the UN knows that just as we targeted their schools last time around, we WILL target it this time again because THEY allow rockets to be hidden in the basements of their schools. They ALLOW their ambulances to be used to ferry terrorists and weapons. They are aiding and abetting terrorists and if they allow their schools and clinics to be turned into arsenals...they are legitimate targets. Apparently, something good did come out of the Cast Lead least the UN understands that small reality.

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Anonymous said...

As of this morning, it appears that UNRWA returned the rockets to "local authorities" (Hamas, right?) and they refused to allow photos of the cache.

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