Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tweeting with Twits

I've been tweeting with twits for days now, and I'm so an active Twitter participant, I've been watching and responding for days. Three common things are coming my way: 

A wave of anti-Semitic comments 

I've received several anti-Semitic comments (a huge number coming from Ireland) in which they say that Hitler didn't kill enough Jews, etc.

Historically inaccurate comments

So many of the comments are made by people who hear reports on the news but know nothing of the actual history of Israel. One person wrote that the Palestinians are the true Jews, and that we Jews today are actually not the true Jews. Another claims that Israel is built on stolen land - one even said "Tel Aviv" to explain why Hamas is firing at Tel Aviv. This is further proof that we are indeed fighting for our existence; that it really has nothing to do with 1967 and everything to do with 1948.

One uninformed gentleman from Ireland even informed me that the cause of this was the settlements dating all the way back to the creation of Israel...that would indeed be Tel Aviv. I informed him that the wars of 1948 and 1956, and the establishment of the PLO in 1964 had little to do with settlements, which only began, according to some, after 1967. 

Intentional mistruths

And the final group of comments comes from those that intentionally blur the truth. Various tweets have suggested that Hamas had bombed Ben Gurion airport (they didn't); that Israel was using chemical weapons (we're not); that the rockets are harmless (they aren't); that the Palestinians want peace (I've seen no evidence of this); and that we are targeting Gazan schools (only the ones with rockets in them and only after we do our best to confirm that they are empty). 

Worst of all has been the crude language used by so many, particularly young Arab men who think it is their right to write abusive and obscene comments to women.

Another one I found incredibly offensive was a tweet made by a British MP who suggests that if he lived in Gaza, he'd be firing rockets. In other words, a normal citizen of Gaza has the right to fire rockets at Israeli citizens. 

Isn't that amazing. He has the nerve to suggest that Gaza missile attacks are justified. This from a lawmaker? Does he understand that according to international law, the firing of rockets into cities is illegal? No, apparently the idiot doesn't understand this basic concept. 

And to make sure you understand, he uses the German "I am a Palestinian" when what he actually should be writing is that he's an idiot. And then he says the West must decide which side it is on. Canada has firmly condemned Gaza. The United States, though urging Israel to show restraint, has firmly come out against the rocket fire against Israeli citizens, as has Germany. 

The fact that David Ward is free to justify Palestinian violence bothers me less than the fact that he was elected to the position he holds. 

And for the record, Mr. Ward, if you shoot a rocket at Israeli civilians, that makes you a criminal and/or a terrorist. It also makes you a very justified target. Go for it. I encourage you sincerely. Words are so cheap and easy. Go on, put your body where your mouth is.

As for the British Parliament - do you truly allow people to promote mass murder to serve in your halls?

Wait, what am I talking about, we have this same thing here in Israel, don't we. Here's Haneen Zoabi, an Arab member of the Israel parliament as she blasts the very institution that gives her a microphone...from which she says we have no right to exist and, like the idiot from Britain, justifies the violence and hatred that started this war.

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