Thursday, July 24, 2014

UNRWA Guilty of Attempted MURDER

In two schools in Gaza (wait, because they'll probably find more rockets in other places), weapons were found. It was reported that 20 missiles had been found in the basement of just one of the schools, more in another.

Shortly afterwards, it was reported that UNRWA had turned the missiles over to the local authority - which might sound like a logical thing to do in most places. I mean, if you found a rocket in your basement, wouldn't you call the I would.

But, in this case, they didn't call the local equivalent of the police because there isn't any - they called Hamas...recognized by normal, sane human beings to be a terrorist organization.

Unwilling or too embarrassed to admit this, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon could only admit that the missiles had "gone missing." Gone missing...what a passive way to phrase the disappearance of such a massive weapon...a puppy can go missing but a missile? Twenty missiles?

Actually, what we are pretty sure happened, based on their previous admission, is that the weapons were given to Hamas.

If you hand a gun to a killer and he points it at someone and kills wait, let's be more accurate.

If you SEE someone kill another person and THEN walk over to you and you hand them another wait...let's be exact.

If you call up a known killer and say, listen, I think I found 20 of your guns...come get them...and the killer (or in this case killers) come and take the guns and go out and start shooting...there is a good chance you will be arrested for aiding and abetting - in short, being a partner in the murder. You knew the person had killed before; you knew the person wanted to kill again. Knowing all this, you handed the killers guns. You share in all that is done with those rockets...I mean guns.

Today, Hamas fired several rockets at large areas in central and southern Israel. With the grace of God and Iron Dome, no one was killed - that makes it attempted murder.

I am not a local authority; I cannot arrest anyone - certainly not in Gaza. But I accuse UNRWA of attempted murder of roughly four million Israelis. As the head of the organization, I reject UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's claim that the missiles have "gone missing" and hold him responsible.

He owes the State and people of Israel not just an explanation, but an apology. He can start by dismantling UNRWA - a corrupt organization that has repeatedly aided and abetted terror groups in Gaza.

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