Sunday, July 13, 2014

Voices from Israel: M from Beit Shemesh

While getting dressed for Shabbat Friday afternoon, I was thanking G-d for the "luxury" of being able to take my time figuring out what to wear (we have 90 seconds to get to a safe place if there's a siren; friends 30 minutes away have 15 seconds).

Went for a walk last night with my son. Wouldn't go beyond where there are buildings in case there's a siren (there was).

While washing the bathroom floors this morning with lots of water, I was thinking - wow, if I lived where some of my friends (or even my son) live, I would probably use less water so I'd have less chance of slipping if a siren went off and I had to run really fast.

90 seconds to safety - the new normal!

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Miriam said...

Paula, You thought about washing the floor is not off course..I must tell you..on Friday, when washing the house for Shabbat, my son asked me not to wash his floor, in case we had a siren, he was afraid of slipping on a wet floor.

Fear comes in many different ways.


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