Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What Has the IDF Done to Minimize Gaza Casualties?


trish said...

Four children killed today.

Doesn't Israel's press report this, or do you choose not read it?

A Soldier's Mother said...

So first Trish, thanks for leaving your name. I really don't like addressing people as "Anonymous". To answer your question - this was a major story in Israel today. We actually have a very free press, as opposed to most of our neighbors.

In addition to reporting, though, our press also explained what happened. You see, for the last few days, Arabs have used the sea to attempt to infiltrate Israel. Twice they succeeded. In this case, our Navy saw something suspicious and opened fire. it is unclear, at this point, whether the children, very sadly and tragically, ran into the line of fire or were mistaken for terrorists. What is known is that the Navy has shelled the area several times in the last few days to drive terrorists away from the sea. One could ask why parents let their children play in an area that is clearly part of a war zone. One could also remind you that had Hamas accepted the ceasefire they rejected yesterday, the one that Israel agreed to and upheld for six hours under constant rocket fire...those children would still be alive, as would a 37 year old man in Israel, father of three children.

What I can tell you is that there are no winners in war. We are doing everything we can to avoid civilian casualties - we are dropping leaflets in the area (in Arabic); we are sending text messages to every cellphone in the area; we are sending warning shots; we are announcing in advance areas we plan to attack. And most of all, we are aborting missions where we identify civilians in the area and targeting only military targets.

Under war conditions, terrible accidents happen. This was one of them.

But to be fair, you should also be protesting the firing of over 1,300 rockets against Israeli cities, including my own. The fact that you don't, speaks volumes on your lack of compassion...unless maybe your media isn't reporting it...or maybe you choose not to read it...

trish said...

Does being critical of Israel's actions towards the population of Gaza mean that I lack compassion? That's a strange notion. Do I have to spell out that I condemn Hamas rocket fire before every sentence I post? Please take that as read.

Whichever way you look at it though, it's predominantly the population of Gaza that suffer death and injury in this war.

You say elsewhere that people could move from Gaza to escape the attacks - even if this were so, the same applies to Israelis under rocket fire surely? No, of course not - that's a silly argument altogether.

There are many innocents in this war zone, but Israel is making a choice to put them at risk - when terrorists killed and maimed civilians in UK cities, we did not launch missiles at the council flats which may have been hosting suspects. We did a number of shameful things, but not that.

sheldan said...

The facts are the facts. Unfortunately, the world would rather not talk about them.

sheldan said...

Trish, even the Israelis can be critical of their own government. But let's be honest about who started the whole thing.

Remember that Gaza was vacated in 2005. Instead of working on their own state, they chose to destroy the infrastructure that was there and proceed to fire rockets at Sderot, which forced Israelis (in undisputed Israeli territory, by the way) to have to find bomb shelters in as little as 15 seconds. Do you really expect the Israelis to sit there and take that? As many have said, no other country would put up with an analogous situation. So, yes, the Israelis do have to respond.

It is unfortunate that Gaza is taking the brunt of casualties. However, you need to remember that Hamas is basing its rockets within the civilian community, which elected Hamas in the first place. It calls into question how "innocent" the civilians are, especially when after being warned (you have to admit that warning your enemies of an imminent attack is something very few other nations would do) they choose to stay and be hit. Again, Israel has demonstrated their concern about the possible loss of life, but that is more than the Palestinians do when Hamas shoots rockets into Israel (even if Iron Dome intercepts most of those).

So, Trish, forgive me if I have less compassion toward the Gazans than I used to. If you are going to defend the Gazans, at least use relevant facts to defend these indefensible actions...

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