Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What is the Proportional Response to This?

This is a house of a family in Yehud. This morning there was a siren in central areas of Israel, including where my parents live. A short while later, we heard there'd been a direct hit on a house. Yes, Iron Dome can miss...

The family had taken shelter in the bomb shelter, and emerged, safe but in shock, to find this. What is the proportional response that Israel is expected to deliver to Gaza? Should we find some innocent family and blow up their home while they are inside? That would be proportional.

Of course, if we did that, the Gaza family would die because they don't build bomb shelters. In fact, the whole neighborhood could blow because inside many Palestinian homes in Gaza, and certainly under them in an intricate maze of tunnels, are thousands of explosives and missiles.

Or, should we do what we are doing? Target the source of this horrible act. Shouldn't we try to find where the missiles are launched from? Shouldn't we try to find the rocket launchers?

Civilized people would agree - and that's what we are doing. The problem is - what happens when the rocket is launched from  a school, a mosque, a home, or even a hospital. Hamas has done all of this.

It isn't all about the numbers...it's about the morality of what we are doing. In this, I agree with what Bibi Netanyahu told some ambassadors today.

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trish said...

What was the proportionate response to this

or this


or this attack on the British Cabinet:

Clue: it didn't involve bombing targets hidden amongst the civilian population of Northern Ireland.

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