Sunday, July 27, 2014

What is UNRWA?

What UNRWA is supposed to be, is a special UN organization created to provide aid and relief to Palestinian refugees living, primarily, in Gaza. What it has turned into, however, is a far different story.

UNRWA today is a blatantly pro-Palestinian UN group whose main reason for existence is to perpetuate the Palestinian refugee status, supposedly maintaining schools in Gaza. Again, the reality is far different. The textbooks they use are filled with hate of Israel; no attempt is being made to instill any values other than those of Islam and Hamas.

In the last war, we knew that the schools were being used as launching grounds and arsenals. In the last war, a team of UN members was killed because they chose to live or work in an apartment above which Hamas was firing rockets. Trust me, I have heard these rockets being launched and landing - you cannot mistake the sound of this for something else.

The first time I ever heard it, I was about 2 miles from the Lebanese border in a lovely little apartment in a beautiful hillside village vacationing with my children. The two explosions I heard were chilling and I knew the very instant I heard it that a rocket had been fired. Actually, to be honest, I thought I heard two rockets being fired. I was later told that I was close enough to hear the exit sound - the explosion at lift off, which was at least two miles away, and the explosion upon impact, which was about 8 miles away.

No way was this UN group unaware that their roof was being used as a launching site. Israeli artillery was ordered to fire on the rocket launching site...and they did. The UN never alerted Israel to the location of its team and they died - because like too many in Gaza, they decided that it was safe to remain next to a Hamas military squad in action.

This time, UNRWA was smart enough to come forward and admit that they had "found" missiles in their classrooms. They claim the school was empty and they claim they didn't know the missiles were there. And then, it seems the missiles had "gone missing" - a polite way of saying they were most likely given back to Hamas.

That was the story at two another school, days before a great tragedy happened, UNRWA was warned by Israel to evacuate a particular school. It was in a bad place - right between an advancing Israeli force and a known Hamas hotbed. Rockets were being launched at hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians...perhaps the very rockets that had been hidden in UNRWA's schools...UNRWA decided to ignore the warning, leaving itself as the front protection of Hamas.

What is known is that the Israeli army was firing at Hamas and Hamas was firing at the Israelis and a mortar or a shell fell in the school and killed at least 15. What is not yet know is why UNRWA refused to heed Israel's warning, why they allowed Hamas to store missiles in their classrooms, and what is also not yet know is whose ammunition fell on the school.

It almost doesn't matter - the tragedy still happened and children died. And yet as UNRWA demands, there should indeed be an investigation - of UNRWA itself.

It is time that this absurd organization be shut down. If Gaza has enough cement to build dozens of tunnels leading many kilometers in all directions, it has enough money to build a few schools and hospitals and staff them. UNRWA is not a neutral force attempting to do good things; it is an arm of Hamas, raising its children to hate, hiding its weapons, and allowing itself to provide human shields as Hamas attempts to attack Israel's citizens.

It is time to dismantle this organization now.


Anonymous said...

who owns all that cement anyway that was shipped into Gaza through Israel?

Sword in Hand said...

Who? Obviously the Hamas Tunnel and Rocket Pad Launching company.

Anonymous said...

You are so right!!! That organization is evil, and should not be allowed to exist. Jan

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