Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Threat Like No Other

Last night, Hamas made a threat. No one believed they would carry it out. And if they did, those same "no ones" never believed they would be successful. So all in all, the sun rose this morning in Israel, people woke up, showered or not, dressed (hopefully), drank their morning coffee or tea, took it in a traveling cup or set off for work expecting to drink something when they arrive.

The roads were packed in the typical places, a bit light because it is the end of August but Israel morning traffic as usual. Radios were on because that's how most Israelis drive, with regular news breaks on most stations, because that's how most Israelis live. And above, in the skies, it was relatively normal, if a bit more tense than usual.

No major incoming or outgoing flight disruptions were seen by the outside world. In the past, under credible threat, Israel has ordered planes to "collect" further offshore and then our jets fly them in safely. I remember once hearing that the planes, flown by former IDF pilots, landed every 45 seconds as the air force circled and protected them.

Last night, Hamas threatened to fire rockets at Ben Gurion International Airport at 6:00 a.m. Elie left to pick up Lauren and the baby, scheduled to arrive at 7:00. Security was tight, even when Elie got there, but the planes flew in as normal. It was a matter of pride and a signal to Hamas.

No, you are not going to change us; you are not going to ruin our lives as you have ruined the lives of the people of Gaza. It was meant to be a threat like no other - how many times is an international airport threatened with disaster? I've heard of airports closing because of bomb threats, but not on a scale such as this.

Today, our international airport was threatened - but like most of Hamas' threats, they were intended to cause terror (which they didn't) and to cause disruptions (of which there were none).

Lauren and the baby landed safely and are now back home with Elie in their new apartment.

Only two airlines heeded Hamas' warning - those would be the airlines of Jordan and Turkey - all the rest of the world is beginning to understand that Hamas is nothing more than a terror organization experiencing the end of its existence. The only real question at this point, is how much of Gaza it will take with it into extinction.

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