Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Warning from a Jew in Europe

At what moment should the Jews of Europe have chosen to leave? Was it in 1933, as Hitler was on the rise? Was it in 1938, when the Germans went on a killing spree, burning Jewish stores, homes and synagogues and beating Jews in the streets? Was it in 1939, when World War II began?

What was the moment in time when it became too late, that their fates were sealed...and where would they have gone? The United States turned them back to death; so did the British and many others.

The buildup was, as it is today, subtle. Too subtle for us to have understand then, the full extent of destruction and death that can result from such hatred. We honestly didn't know, didn't believe. Sure, we'd been hated for centuries, but we lived by the absurd concept that it was good once, it would be good again. All we had to do was wait for it.

What World War II taught us was that this is a lie. Sometimes evil can win; sometimes evil can override the humanity and decency of the majority. Germany taught us that lesson and we will never forget it.
It is now 2014 and it is happening again. No, not concentration camps and gas chambers...yet...but those were not happening in 1933 either...

In the last few days, I received a series of messages from a Jew in Amsterdam. He wants me to give a message to Israelis who are visiting Europe. His message is chilling. Here's what he wrote:
It's like before 1945, Germany has warned do not be recognizable as a Jew it's too dangerous. It is in many EU countries like this. Israelis should know. Do not talk Hebrew and no Jewish dress like tzitzit [a fringed garment]. Europeans on the streets, warning Israelis who might go to Europe on vacation about Germany it was by the Jewish community leader of Germany. But it is also here [in the Netherlands], and every country of Europe. Better not to show that you are a Jew openly.

No Kippah, or Tzitzit, and don't speak Hebrew openly. I myself have been attacked six times but only with words, no beatings. In the Netherlands, it is mostly Moroccan boys and even girls, yesterday they attack party member of PVV (Wilders). I do see many Israeli tourist and they wear Kippah's, but it is just to dangers to do so. You can wear one but hide it. Really, it feels like before 1945, but many people support Israel here. Only police and politicians do nothing. I work at a small Jewish memorial, and we were visited by the police and warned to be extra careful because of the danger of an attack.
I read this several times and agonize over how to answer, over what to think. Finally, I asked if I could share this message here. And as I thought about it, I realized there are two messages here, not one.

First - there is a warning in Europe, being told quietly to Jews, but also to Israelis. This Jew in Europe is worried about Israelis coming to Europe. Afraid that they will feel they are free, as they are in Israel, to be what they were born to be. Proud. Strong. Jews. Out in the open, nothing to hide. We speak the language of our forefathers with pride; we wear the signs of being a Jew on our heads, on our bodies, in our hearts.

That is how we raise our children here in Israel. So different from how Jews are raising their young in America and especially different from how Jewish children are being raised in Europe. 

My children do not know the fear of the ghetto; Israeli children do not know that to walk, to breathe, simply to exist is enough to cause hatred and anger outside the safe world where they were raised. Without thought, they speak an ancient language with modern words. They dress, without thought that the mere sight of a kippah (a yarmulka, a skull cap) could get them attacked. What do you mean we should hide what and who we are? It is as natural for my children to speak Hebrew as it is for them to breathe.

It is too dangerous to wear a kippah, to openly be seen as Jewish in Europe today. I didn't write these words. They were sent to me by a Jew from the Netherlands - not even France and Germany, where we know that the level of hatred has risen tremendously. And I beg him to leave. Why would you continue to live there? I hear many reasons - I accept none of them. I can't.

The police and the politicians do nothing, he writes. Nothing. As before and during World War II, nothing. He writes to tell me to warn Israelis - this is where his mind is, his love and concern evident. If you come here, be careful, he begs.

I can imagine if I read this to my sons, what they would think. They would look at me like I was crazy. WE should be careful? What do they think we are? Let them try; we will beat them, kill them if they try to beat us, kill us. What, do you think it is 1940?

I have three sons - each stepped forward when called to the army; each came home with a 97 profile - that means the State of Israel examined them and found them to be in excellent health; strong, tall, proud.

Okay, the army didn't find them proud...or maybe it did. Do you want to serve, each was asked. Are you willing to serve in a combat unit? Will you fight, with your body and soul for the State of Israel, for the Jewish State?

Yes...Yes...and Yes.

Each one has raised with the belief that he stands in front of Israel, in front of Jews and behind him stands a nation that will never bow to anti-Semites. We now know that these anti-Semites are the ultimate cowards and we do not fear them.
If they can live in a world where they can dress as they want, so can we. If they can speak the language of their fathers, so can we.

When my sons were called to the army, there were other questions that they were never asked and yet they were answered. Yes and No, as needed.

Will you protect Jews, not just here in Israel but around the world? Yes.

Will you be the ghetto Jews? No.

Will you, as a representative of the State of Israel, protect Jews here in our land, and everywhere in every land? Yes. 

Will you allow others to demand you be other than what you are? No.

Will you sit in silence while Jews elsewhere suffer? No.

What will you do if that old hatred rises up again? Fight it.

What will you do for the Jews of France and Germany, Holland and the Netherlands and even, if it comes to it, for the Jews of the United States of America? And each son, every son of Israel answered. We will bring them home.

Bring them home...Come home. That is my response to this man, the second message I get from reading the above. He sits in the Netherlands and cares so much about my sons, as my sons care about him. He has reasons why he can't leave...too many Jews in Europe have reasons. But the reasons have to be put aside or brought with you. Elderly parents - bring them; a thriving business, leave it, sell it. Don't put things and money above your lives. Don't wait until the doors close; until you can't get out. Don't wait until the violence comes to your city, never mind your door.

Get out of Europe now.   


What Makes People Tick said...


This is definitely not an exaggeration. It scares me very much what is happening in my country today.

From the way we were taught in school and through the media I always thought it very clear that The Netherlands took/takes the Holocaust VERY seriously. That we understood "Never Again" to mean NEVER again because we saw first-hand what the Nazis did, because we experienced first-hand how friends and neighbours were taken by the Nazis, never to return.

I'm in my thirties now. Some 20ish years ago there were still enough people who had lived through the War that classmates' grandparents would come speak at our primary schools, would bring war-related items to school to show us tangible proof of the War and what their lives were like during the War years. It was impossible to deny the reality of the Holocaust when survivors standing in front of us told us, tears in their eyes, about some of the horrors they had experienced.

They. Told. Us.
They told us so we would not repeat the horrors of the past, so we would remember the pain and the heartbreak. So we would not make the same mistake. So we would remember why "Never Again" should mean NEVER EVER AGAIN.

It scares me to think that we were the last generation to see the pain on the faces of the survivors, to hear them speak with our own ears. It scares me to think that there are people walking the streets of my country today, claiming the Holocaust didn't happen, that it should happen again, that all Jews are bad, that Islam is the answer...

It scares me so much that I want to leave. Yet because it scares me so, I refuse to leave.

Anonymous said...

After the WW1 the jews declared war on Germans. There was nothing subtle about it. And when the jews had a lost the war they act as if nothing happened and cry about a holocaust that has so much lies that after more then 70 years more and more truth is finally surviving.
After more then 70 years the jews still act as if they where the first ans last victims of WW2. That was a mistake. Investigation revealed that the numbers and circumstances where incorrect. Now the people think, because of the lies, that Hitler could be right. Thats why there is a jew hatred rising up.

A Soldier's Mother said...

Hey "What Makes People Tick"

You are in your 30s - you're young enough to make the change. I moved here in my 30s and have not for a single second of the last 21 years regretted coming.

Come home...please come home. You'll find a way to survive here and you'll love it. You'll never have to hide who you are, you'll never again hear that Hitler was right, that 6,000,000+ Jews weren't murdered.

I am begging you to please come home...

A Soldier's Mother said...

Dear Anonymous # 782,

You don't mind if I call you 782, do you? After all, you like people who put numbers on other people, don't you?

I suppose you have an explanation for the tattoos, right? They burned it on the arm of my husband's uncle. I've seen it on him and many others...You must have some explanation for that...

I'm trying to think how to answer you when each sentence you write needs a response.

The Jews declared war on Germans in WWI? Exactly what Jews would that be? The 1.5 million Jews in Poland that Hitler murdered (including by great grandmother and two great aunts? my husband's little aunt, who was 12 when she was murdered by the Nazis?). What an incredibly ignorant statement...and it only gets worse, #782.

And when the Jews lost the war? Um...yo, #782, what HAVE you been drinking. Since the Jews didn't FIGHT in WWII, they didn't lose the war. Now if Israel had fought...well, trust me, we would not have lost and likely there would have been a hell of a lot more dead Nazis. Sadly, the Allies let too many escape justice for too long.

So you think 70 years after an incident, historical evidence is more accurate than in the immediate aftermath of the incident. Well, I guess if you need all the witnesses to die off so that you can lie about it, you're right. Wait 70 years, most will be gone, and then you can start making up nonsense about fake videos, fake bones, fake ashes, fake evidence...

A Soldier's Mother said...

Yo #782 - me again. I needed to break this into two comments, but let's continue. So to establish your facts, you needed to wait 70 years for the survivors to die. Must kill you that the Germans left so much evidence behind, including videos they proudly made.

Investigation proved the numbers were incorrect - you're half right. because whole towns were wiped out, whole families gone, the investigation shows that sadly, we will never know the actual amount. Due to the amazing work of Yad Vashem and some other organizations, the number of documented murders, where we have names and evidence, is well over 4,000,000 and getting close to 5,000,000. We may never reach a situation where we know the names of all victims, but we do know, without question, that the total was likely higher than 6,000,000.

And now we get to the best part of your idiotic response. And for you #782, I will open a special full post on the blog dedicated in full to your next absurd comments. You are living proof why Jews should not remain in Europe; proof that we should leave and allow the Muslims to have their way...assuming you aren't a Muslim, you're going to deserve what they do to you...

Rahel Jaskow said...

Oh, wow, Paula, you got a Holocaust denier! A pretty common species, if memory serves: equal parts of hatred, lies and hypocrisy. Ugly, too.

Sound harsh? Well, it is -- because in my book, Holocaust deniers know perfectly well that the Holocaust took place, and they would be ecstatic to see it happen again. The very same people who dispute the figure of six million are the same ones who bray at demonstrations: "Six million more." (Oh, no offense meant to donkeys.)

So no, I don't try to correct Holocaust deniers because they know -- oh, how well they know -- that they are lying. I just call them out on their lies, hypocrisy and hatred... and, yes, the intolerable ugliness of their character.

Barbara Nowlin said...

To Anonymous, #782 - go read the original german log books. They kept great records. Not just the Jews are saying 6 million died. And if you're so brave, why do you post under the name, anonymous? No one can be taken seriously if you won't stand behind your name. It just makes you a coward. All you are is spreading senseless hatred, and for what? To feel like a big man hiding behind no name? A No Name big man is nothing.

Callie Benoit said...

In response to anonymous #782
First let me say I'm not sure if you are genetically or willfully ignorant/ignoring facts. What I'm certain of is that your idiotic statement totally contradicts itself. You ascertain my people declared war on the Germans..ready for me to point out your contradictions...then we "act as if nothing happened" while at the same time "cry about a holocaust" so which is it?
You are an anti Semite. Obviously right? Can i ask why? I'm going to assume jealousy. Jews are beautiful inside and out. We aren't a just me and mine type of people. We are a family the world over.
There is one thing you said that is true. It wasn't only my people slaughtered in the holocaust. Anyone who didn't fit the idea of aryan perfection was also targeted. Are you blond? Blue eyed? Non homosexual? Oh have a mental deformity..sorry you're on the next train to Auschwitz. The world won't miss YOU

FresnoJoe said...

Praying For The Beloved The Jew
And For Their Eternal Israel
And For Her Children

Love, Joe

Shira S B said...

I'm very genuinely terrified. I have seen it coming for about fourteen years, I sensed the rising danger as one does when one has studied history, but I'm disabled and unable to work, so I've never been able to afford to make aliyah. My husband and I now have literally just enough to get ourselves, our belongings and our cats to Israel, but until we know we can cover rent/bills/food for six months to a year while he finds work, we still can't go anywhere. I'm very frightened, and my already-poor health is deteriorating mostly because I miss Israel so desperately, but also because I'm acutely aware that we may not have enough money for the move before it becomes fleeing rather than moving.

Futureline said...

Dear Paula,

Anonymous was because i was lazy to singup. My name is Roy from the Netherlands. I want to clear something up about how I came to my statement. On YouTube there are many people posting video's about the lies during or after the holocaust. So I did my own investigation. I started by looking for "Why did WW2 started". The more I was reading i found this site:
The picture is genuine and real. You see what i meant with declared war. Further in my investigation i found this site.
Its a real memoriam. It changed from 4 million to 1.5 million.
I followed a video made by a David Cole who tried to find the truth about Auschwitz. .....
Everything i learned in school about the war was false or changed. My grandfather was given the Yad Vashem for hiding more than 100 jews during the war. So there was no antisemitism at our house. Its was the Internet that provided me with information that i never knew existed. It is true that there are many dangerous people that spread lies about the war. But the facts can not be denied. I have found many more facts that told me there where mistakes made about what really happened. This made me angry and confused about why these people lied to us. Does this means that the holocaust never took place? Of course not. It happend. There are facts that prove that your people suffered. But did it happen the way i was told at school. ???

Anonymous said...

I am a non-jew and I have been seeing this coming, too; and I am afraid, and I am *angry*.

I see bearded Muslim men and women in Slave Rags screaming with Jew-hatred in the streets of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, calling for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews - any Jews - and I see non-Muslim Jewhaters and useful Idiots screaming ecstatically with them and I am *angry*.

Because I believe that Jews in Australia and everywhere else in the West should be free to be visibly Jewish among us without fear. Free to go to Israel their ancestral homeland as and when they choose; and free also to stay among us as long as they choose, without fear.

A year ago I got a Star of David pendant and started wearing it on Saturdays (I wear a Christian cross the rest of the week). But when this Gaza war started in earnest, then I decided I would wear my cross on Sundays and the Star on Monday through Saturday.

And every time I put it on - because I am fifty, and female, and not trained in combat nor carrying a weapon - it makes me think.

Because if I wear that Star I can look, to some, like a Jew; I have kin who look *exactly* like Jews or Arabs, I have a brother and a sister who if dropped down in the middle of Jerusalem would blend right in. And there are parts of Australia, now, where there are quite a few Muslims...and how do I know that any given Muslim I may encounter is not going to attack someone who is wearing that Star? They're not attacking the cross-wearers here ...yet, though that will come, if they keep getting stronger.

Every non-Jewish person in the West who says they care about Jews, and about freedom of conscience and human rights, every person who likes to praise the Righteous who sheltered Jews during WWII, can test their own caring and their own courage, right now, very simply: by asking themselves if they are brave enough to put on a Star of David pendant and visibly wear it as they go about their daily round, or put an "Am Yisrael Chai" sticker on their car so it can be seen when they do the shopping or the daily commute.

If the answer is NO - or if they find themselves thinking twice about doing it, because they fear they might become a target of direct physical assault - then they need to start speaking up, loudly, and pressuring their politicians to clamp down hard on those who are attacking or inciting to attack Jews...because the pro-Hamas threat displays in our streets, and the rising number of assaults on Jews and Jewish institutions and businesses, is a situation that ought not to be tolerated in any country that calls itself a free country.

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