Monday, August 25, 2014

Listen - He Speaks Truth

A young soldier speaks of his experience in Gaza. He's not a trained spokesman; not a propagandist. He's simply one soldier who was called to fight and did what he had to do. You'd have to be blind to think he is not sincere - both in his determination to do what he is required to do to protect Israel and in his attempt to avoid harming innocents in Gaza while doing it.

He, like so many of our soldiers, were put in a horrible position of having to decide whether to let the Hamas soldier escape, or harm the young child behind whom the Hamasnik was hiding.

The decision has to be made in a split second and often involves endangering your own life - because while you hesitate, the Hamas gunman does not.

Listen to this soldier - yes, he is wearing the uniform of Israel but note that unlike Hamas, he does not hide his face; he does not lie. He is telling you the truth - and if you are too blind to see it, the fault lies with you and not with him.

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