Monday, August 4, 2014

China vs. Israel

So, the phone I bought in January is dead. Screen smashed, connector broken. Not impressed overall - THL W200 - too fragile...

So, Elie came up with what looks like an interesting phone. We decided, again, to order from China and tried to make a deal with the Chinese vendor because we would be purchasing two phones instead of one.

We asked for prices and were happy with what he offered, but we weren't thrilled with the cost of shipping. He offered an amount and we countered with a lower but fair offer.

The difference between his offer and ours was only $11.00. The Chinese vendor came back with an offer that was somewhere in the middle - he would knock off $7, we would pay $4 more than our initial offer. I was willing to accept it, but Elie told me to tell him that our current offer is at the minus $11 amount. If they accept it now, deal. If they want $4, we may take it but would like to check some additional vendors first.

As CEO of my company, I rarely get to pass the blame on to others. So this time, I decided to have fun. I declared Elie the owner of the company and wrote to the vendor explaining that the owner had authorized on the minus $11 amount and instructed me to look at other offers. I could close it only at this lower amount.

Within minutes, the Chinese vendor came back with the single word, "Deal."

In the world of bargaining, both sides were happy with the final deal but personally, I loved the concept of Israeli-bargainer versus Chinese bargainer. Now, all I can do is hope the phone is a good one!

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NancyB said...

HA! Best laugh I've had in days. I love this.

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