Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Every Day Acts of Terror

Throughout Israel today and for the last few weeks, there have been many angry Arabs. Yes, that's right. They are angry. They'll tell you that they are angry about what is happening in Gaza...or at least what they believe is happening in Gaza because they, like much of the media and many in Gaza itself, believe one of the greatest lies that has been sold to the world in the last few generations.

By virtue of being weak, they are the victims. By virtue of failure, they are innocent ones. By channeling money into tunnels and rockets rather than schools and hospitals, they are the deprived ones. By virtue of a language, Arabic, not spoken by many in the west, the words they say, in English, are believed as the peaceful ones.

As Gaza has been attacking Israel, the world focuses on Israel attacking Gaza. They fire dozens of rockets at Israel. By virtue of our having developed Iron Dome (and yes, we developed it here in Israel with the usually gracious funding of the United States added in), most of the hundreds or rockets that would have, could have, hurt and killed thousands, were neutralized. Just because someone fails to kill, does that mean they didn't try? By what twisted logic does that make sense?

Dozens of Hamas fighters have come through dozens of tunnels in an attempt to murder Israelis. By virtue of our equipment - night vision, sensors, cameras, etc. and by virtue of our training - alert soldiers watching every inch of space, these attempts have mostly been thwarted. We have lost precious soldiers who put themselves between the enemy and our people. That is what is logical. That is what they have been trained to do. That is what happens in a humane society.

By contrast, Hamas puts itself behind its people - physically allowing women and children to protect their military assets, their homes, their leaders. By what twisted logic does this make sense?

A week or so ago, I was on a train that was attacked by an Arab with tear gas. The only "media" that covered it was my local city Facebook page. Because no one was hurt seriously, does that mean it wasn't a terror attack?

This morning and last night, Arabs were rioting, throwing stones and attacking security forces.

In the past few weeks, hundreds of cars and buses have been stoned by Arabs.

I have now heard of an attack that happened last night in Ramle. A woman and her three children were walking home at around midnight last night. They stopped at a pedestrian crossing. A car stopped driven by an Arab woman. This is the law in Israel. The Arab woman indicated that the  mother and her children should cross the road adn as they did, in the middle of the road, the Arab woman intentionally accelerated at them, running over all of them.

This has not made the news. Why?

Where are CNN, BBC, or any other news outlets of the world who are so quick to cover the injuries of Palestinian women and children?

All I can do, with my limited voice here, is ask that you pray for the speedy recovery of:

Sigalit bat Margelit. The mother

Neurai ben Sigalit. 5 years old

Moriah bat Sigalit. 6 years old.

Talia bat Sigalit. 4 months old.

May HASHEM send them a refua shleima bimhera and may the police catch and punish the Arab woman for the terror attack yesterday in Ramle.


Anonymous said...

Do you not realise how silly your post are ? You refer to Hamas as cowards yet these 'cowards' crawl through tunnels simply armed with rifles to attack true cowards of the IDF one of the best armed and equipped armies in the world ( night vision, sensors, cameras, etc) Gunships fighter jets tanks armour etc and you call these hero freedom fighters cowards ! you gotta be joking.

Leah said...

anon I was going to reply to you but then I saw that Paula wrote it better than I could:


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