Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hacked...Hacked...Hacked...with a smile

Whenever Israel fights a war, it fights it on several fronts. There is the physical war in Gaza and the rockets that have hit all over Israel, and the terror attacks both against the communities close to Gaza but even in Jerusalem yesterday and Maale Adumim today.

There is the fight fought by every Jew in Europe, and plenty in America too - to avoid anti-Semitic attacks, to be insulted by doctors who refuse to treat you, restaurants who refuse to serve you.

And there is the cyberworld in which Israeli sites are hacked and brought down.

We fight the Gaza War with one of the strongest armies in the world. Strong, well trained, brave and morale.

We fight the war in Europe and America with Israelis who answer the media back, with endless blog posts trying again and again to explain what is really happening. Just as 5,000 were never killed in Jenin (52 were killed and 41 of those were combatants), the numbers being sent around the world are lies today as well. The truth will come out...already it is coming out from journalists who admit what they could not report while under Hamas control. And we fight it by urging, begging, and pleading with the Jews of Europe (and America) to come home to Israel.

And we fight the war in the cyberworld as well. Sometimes, someone even fights it for us in exactly the way we are being attacked.

Kol HaKavod to the Israel Anonymous Hacker - long may you master the keys and the cloud!

This site is the VoicesofPalestine site...finally (if only temporarily) speaking the truth of "Palestine" for a change.

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