Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hamas Attacked My Home Again Today

This morning almost exactly at 8:00 a.m. when Israel declared a ceasefire for 72 hours for humanitarian reasons, Hamas opened fire, launching 40 long range missiles at Israel. Some were aimed at my city.

I went to sleep very late last night and woke to Elie pounding on my bedroom door. He told us there was a siren and to come quickly to the bomb shelter. He had already awakened his younger brother and sister and told them to hurry.

We went in the bomb shelter; I held Aliza. She wasn't afraid at all but I needed the contact myself. Over the last week, my husband had opened the heavy metal windows of the bomb shelter to let in air. I was terrified that a missile would hit and send glass fragments over all of us and yet I didn't want anyone to go outside to close it. I kept asking Davidi to move away from the window. I heard a boom. Friends nearby said they heard two explosions.

A few minutes ago, I found this video...this rocket you'll see being built and fired was part of that barrage. I'll never know where it landed, if this was the one that sent us to the bomb shelter.

But I know that this was fired from a densely populated area in Gaza towards densely populated areas in Israel. I did not hear the condemnation from the UN today about these rockets but I know if we fired back, we would be condemned. Why is it acceptable for Hamas to fire at our cities but disproportional for us to try to fire at the rocket launching site, which Hamas chose to put in the center of a civilian area?

I'll never get an answer to that question because the truth isn't that it is wrong. The truth is part of the most ancient of hatreds and it is why a Palestinian child will say (yes, we have the videos), that a Jew bombed his city (not Israel). It is why Jews are being attacked in France, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Germany and elsewhere.

It looks, at this time, as if the war is ending, at least until the next round. But I have little doubt that the hatred will never end.

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Cindy said...

Every night on the news (in Seattle) they report how many rockets hit Palestine and how many were killed, but for a long time they never reported about Israel. Lately however, I'm noticing a change. They still report about Palestine first, but are now including how many rockets and deaths occurred in Israel as well. Finally. At least the reporting has become a little more fair.

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