Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hamas Cowards? Oh yes....

I got this comment and decided it deserved a place of honor - a whole post dedicated just to responding...Anonymous wrote:
Do you not realise how silly your post are ? You refer to Hamas as cowards yet these 'cowards' crawl through tunnels simply armed with rifles to attack true cowards of the IDF one of the best armed and equipped armies in the world ( night vision, sensors, cameras, etc) Gunships fighter jets tanks armour etc and you call these hero freedom fighters cowards ! you gotta be joking.
I read the comment to Elie - and this is how he responded:
Israel went into Gaza to eliminate rockets and weapons that they could not do from the air or from artillery because of the civilians - hoping to hurt the least amount of Palestinian civilians as possible while Hamas was shooting FROM hospitals, mosques, schools, UN buildings and homes. Also, Hamas was videotaped shooting while jumping into an ambulance for cover; knowing that the IDF would not shoot at an ambulance.

The Hamas terrorists hide underground with their missiles and weapons while they tel their citizens to be on the roof. The IDF Air Force shot, in many cases, a flare onto the roof of the building giving the civilians on the roof (and the terrorists) time to evacuate, and only THEN, shot and destroyed the building.

The "brave heroes" of Hamas, as you refer to them, that "only" came with guns (also came with RPGs/anti-tank missiles) and suicide vests to explode themselves. They also came with drugs hoping to drug and capture an Israeli civilian and/or soldier - in other words, whoever they could, and kidnap them.

They shot anti-tank missiles at cars - civilian cars, buses, etc with no difference between these civilians and army vehicles.

By the way, during investigations, they found motorcycles in these tunnels to be used to escape more easily. They main plan was to come through the tunnels, 200 strong, and attack the farmers and civilians and murder and kidnap as many civilians, women and children as they can in a single coordinated attack.

At this point, we got interrupted, so I'll continue myself. I called Hamas cowards not because of anything they did in relation to Israel's soldiers, though I will note that hundreds simply ran or surrendered - including about 150 who came out in their underwear to show that they weren't wired with explosives. All in all, reports our army leaders, Hamas fighters failed miserably in actual combat situations.

When they didn't have the element of surprise (or when they weren't facing unarmed opponents), Hamas' brave warriors excelled in running and hiding. Their best skills were clearly burrowing in like rats, scurrying like mice, and running likes squirrels.

Hamas fighters were cowards because they hid behind civilians and put their leaders in bomb shelters leaving their people unprotected. They were cowards because they chose to fire from residential areas, using men, women, and children as human shields.

They were cowards because they hid behind internationally recognized symbols of innocence - the white flag, ambulances (fighters were seen firing weapons and then jumping into ambulances), schools (UNRWA admitted at least three of their schools were "found" to have rockets in them), hospitals (several journalists admit seeing rockets being fired from hospitals).

Brave soldiers position themselves between the enemy and their people - as Israel's soldiers did and so we lost 64 soldiers and 3 civilians. Hamas did everything in its power to increase the number of Palestinian casualties (and are directly responsible for many of them - given that many dozens of rockets "misfired" and landed in Gaza.

So oh yes, Hamas consists of sniveling cowards, pathetic excuses for men who were utterly humiliated and defeated - not because we have superior weaponry, although that helped, but because we correctly focused on saving our people, not killing theirs.

Had they cared even half as much, their death toll would have been greatly reduced.

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