Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hamas' Greatest Weapon - Their Children

Look at the video below. And think...Israel has some of the most advanced technology in the world...we are going to know, the minute this rocket takes off...no, sorry, the second this rocket takes off, we are going to know where it came from. We know where it will land - and have protected ourselves by developing the Iron Dome...and we know where it came from.

We will track it back and eliminate it at the source. And those children you see there in that screen might be hurt or die. The UN will blame us; Obama will demand we stop. But who is really to blame?

What normal adult stands there surrounded by children waiting for them to be killed? Does it really take any amount of intelligence to understand Israel's capabilities?

If Israel as a nation is guilty of anything in this war, it is in underestimating how very prepared the Palestinians are to use their children, to sacrifice them to the glory of Islam and death.

Yes, we have built bomb shelters and this morning my family went to ours as the sirens wailed. And this morning, with three of my children near me, I listened to the sound of explosions - I don't know if these missiles hit or were knocked out by Iron Dome. What I do know is that my children went into the bomb shelter first, and came out last.

I would die a hundred times over before allowing my child to be used as these children in the video are being used. I would die a thousand times before I allowed my children to be in harm's way if there was anything, anything I could do to stop it.

In anger, in frustration - at the world as a whole and at the Palestinians in particular, I ask a simple question - What the hell is wrong with these people?


Anonymous said...

Paula...what is wrong with these people, the local Gazan Muslims, and a lot of other Muslims in and around Israel, is this: Islam. Pure, orthodox, traditional by-the-book Islam. They believe that those who "slay and are slain" jihad fi sabil allah attain Paradise: because it says so in the ninth surah of the Quran. So they teach their tiniest children to hate, to kill, to immolate themselves in the process of bringing down the perceived enemy - everyone and everything not-Islam, all who refuse to bow down to Mohammed ha-Meshugga (that was what Maimonides called him). They are high as kites on Islam and on the pure hate and aggression toward Jews and toward all kuffar that breathes from every page, or every second page, of the Sira, the Hadiths, the Quran, like a simoom from the desert, like hot air from an opened oven. And the world's press, and the world's non-Muslim politicians, are wilfully *refusing* to see this, *refusing* to tell their public that this is what is going on.

sheldan said...

What normal adult stands there surrounded by children waiting for them to be killed?

That is the point. These are NOT normal people. This is pure evil. Maybe this is why the world is not willing to deal with it.

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