Monday, August 25, 2014

How Homemade is this Rocket?

One laughable claim that Palestinians and their misguided supporters like to lob at Israel is that the rockets and mortars they fire at us - like the one that killed little Daniel Tragerman two days ago, were "homemade."

I don't know what kind of home they have or what they think home is, but home is not where you store rockets and certainly not where you make them.

This is the remains of a rocket that was shot out of the sky by our amazing Iron Dome.

Homemade? This rocket piece looks to be about as long as that man is tall. Even if he's short - it's a good 5 feet long.

Homemade? Maybe we've gotten to the root of the Palestinian-Israeli problem - if this is the kind of homes they have, no wonder there can be no peace.

Sirens sounding now in Nahal Oz. Alumim. Yad Mordechai. Netiv Ha'asarah.

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