Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How Long till the Next Time?

Israel was scheduled to pull its troops out of Gaza at 8:00 this morning.

What should have been obvious to all was that Hamas would want to have the ceasefire- during this time, Gaza wanted to send the message that we had not defeated them, that they could still hit where and when they want - and they did - 40 long range rockets fired in a few minutes - at least 9 towards Jerusalem. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that Hamas really doesn't want the IDF to leave.

And my message to Benjamin Netanyahu is that  I really think the work is not done in Gaza. This is what we are hearing from the soldiers who are coming out. I don't want more of our boys hurt - so if you can finish this by air, fine with me. But don't leave until you deliver what you said you would. No one expects peace; no one believes it is possible. What you are buying is not peace but quiet; not a long term solution, but one that could give our residents in the south years of real "relative calm" that the media loves to proclaim.

One of the first things Elie said to me when I picked him up from the Gaza "arena" on the day after Cast Lead ended was, "Ima, they didn't let us finish." No, not then, not in Operation Pillar of Defense and not now.

Cast Lead gave us 4 years; Operation Pillar of Defense gave us less than 2. How many years are we trying to buy with Protective Edge? It seemed to me, as I rushed into our bomb shelter with my family and listened for the explosions this morning...we've paid a very high price in the last few weeks...but what have we bought?

What peace will our residents, especially in the south, have? And for how long? As we watch the end of this war slowly come towards us...the biggest question in Israel today is how long it will be until the next time?


sheldan said...

Let's hope for the best, but we need to be ready to go back in if there is another rocket fired from Gaza. The hell with world opinion; this time must be different when the Hamas terrorists try this again.

Anonymous said...

I am s with you on this, Paula!

Rickismom said...

I think, for once, that Netanyahu is not done yet.

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