Thursday, August 7, 2014

It Isn't Over

I know in my heart and my head agrees - it isn't over. Not till the fat lady sings, whatever the heck that means - not until Hamas is eradicated, defeated, erased...gone. They will not accept peace. Even in defeat and humiliation, the idiots claim victory. They have lost over 1,000 of their fighters. We are crushed that we lost 64; they promise to fight on.

This morning as I drove through Israel - I saw troop movements, tanks on the road...we are still well protected, but there is a feeling that we are standing down, moving back. Friends have changed their profile pictures in Twitter and Facebook - back from Israeli flags and slogans to their regular pictures. Mine isn't over.

Have you ever experienced the weird sensation of knowing something that others seem to not understand, seem to ignore or deny. Once, many years ago, I heard an explosion. I went running to the window of my living room, which looked towards Jerusalem - I knew something had happened but everything seemed normal. I rushed to turn on the television - nothing.

And then I heard the sirens. The television that we no longer have in our home blared out some silly program. Tell me, tell me what happened. There were more sirens; the television was oblivious. Please, I know something happened. Please...

I saw traffic building up all the way down the road and into the curve. Nothing coming out of Jerusalem in our direction. Higher up, there was nothing in either direction...something had happened on our road, on the side going towards Jerusalem. I saw police cars going on the opposite side of traffic. The television went on...

A police officer, a Bedouin who had voluntarily chosen to defend Israel's citizens, had seen an Arab driving a car and didn't like something he saw. He called to the Arab to pull to the side of the road and then pulled in front. He got out of his car, walked towards the suspicious Arab, who had gotten out of his car at the same time. As they came close to meeting, the Arab blew himself up, killing himself...and the Bedouin police officer who had, in his bravery, saved many lives that might have been lost in the terrorist attack planned by the driver.

It took more than 10 minutes for the news to break through the TV program. It began, as it always did back in those days, with a map on the television to show the place, an early report about what was known - until the reporter could get on the scene.

I feel now what I did in those 10 minutes - that something is happening but no one else sees. It isn't true - we all know, we all feel, we all worry...we all know, deep down, that it isn't over. Soldiers coming home from Gaza are telling their parents and friends...even politicians are telling us, it isn't over.

Abroad, there are happy politicians. Don't they know that there has been an explosion or, in this case, don't they know there will be an explosion soon?

Tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. - Hamas has promised to end the 72 hour ceasefire by starting, again, to fire at Israel. I don't really believe them...or let me clarify.

I believe they will not wait until 8:00 a.m. - why should they?

I am on my way now to a celebration - a wedding of two young people from our neighborhood - it's going to be wonderful. For weeks, we have worried - the groom is a soldier and was in Gaza fighting with his unit. He came home last week, much to the delight of his parents, his bride, his future in-laws and the entire neighborhood

I'll go and I'll smile tonight. I'll be happy and celebrate a wonderful and joyful event...and I'll try my hardest to push aside the horrible feeling that it isn't over yet.


NancyB said...

You are on the front line of this war and know this. I am half a world away in CA and I know this.

Hamas TV: Dress up like Jews to execute suicide bombings - aired repeatedly during July 2014 on Al-Aqsa TV

Anonymous said...

You're right, it's just Hudna - tip when BBC & interview soldiers about why they target schools, they must say that their equipment is precise and can only target where the rockets are from, if they are from UN Schools, Mosques or other civilian areas then it's because that is where the enemy is firing from and causing their own casualties which is a war crime.

Hashem is protecting all of Israel and Israel is forever, however, be vigilant, praying for us all kate b

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