Sunday, August 3, 2014

No One Laughs Like an Israeli

I think to work at an Israeli music station, you have to pass a special test. You have to be able match the mood of the country to the songs, you have to know when we need to laugh and when we need to cry.

For days, the songs have been sad, heartbreaking.

For days, the songs have been patriotic and proud. No matter what you do to us, this you won't take from us. You will not break us, we have no other land. We are Israel.

And today, I guess the radio decided to have a little fun and played this song (thanks to my mother, who let me know about this and helped give me a smile at a time when tens of thousands of Israelis are making their way to a small military cemetery in Kfar Sava to attend the funeral of a 23 year old man who was to have married...but now never will.

Sometimes, even at the worst of times, the radio is right, we have to just smile at the absurdity of it all.  They've broken every ceasefire, including the ones they asked for. The first time, they broke it and said they hadn't been asked. Then they broke the one they asked for...I think the reason was because the sky was blue.

The next one, they said, was our fault because we didn't understand the conditions. We were not allowed to fire at a particular area in Gaza and in exchange, they would agree not to fire at areas beyond their reach. Yeah, something like that.

Kerry came to Israel and with the backing of Obama demanded that we agree to an immediate ceasefire for humanitarian reasons, then Gaza broke that one too - I guess their definition of humanitarian reasons includes allowing rocket fire.

So today, the radio in Israel had some fun and cause not a few smiles - for that. One of those who smiled was my mother, a woman in her 70s who has spent the last few weeks going into her office and closing the door tightly because it is also a bomb shelter. She struggled to shut the heavy metal window weeks ago because no one was around to help her...and she wouldn't wait till someone could get there.

She's heard the sound of Iron Dome's impact and a field not too far from her building was hit by a missile. Today, she smiled...and so did I when she told me that Israel radio played this song. Let me know if you smiled too...

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