Saturday, August 9, 2014

No Sabbath Peace for Israel's Southern Residents

For the last 25 hours, I have been off-line. I come back to a world that has, as it always does, continued along while I took my time with my family. We had a wonderful Shabbat. Last night, we ate at Amira's house and then walked through home through the neighborhood, greeting friends along the way.

Today, we went to the morning services with the families of the bride and groom from Thursday night and then had a great lunch with three of our children. Sleep, good food, quiet - what could be wrong...other than the knowledge that elsewhere in Israel, it was likely that friends in the south were under fire.

As soon as the Sabbath ended, a friend from the south posted the list of attacks. Starting Friday night at 7:04 p.m. - by then, I was already at my daughter's house, having lit candles and welcomed the Sabbath. Twenty-two separate attacks - sirens in many places each time.

Beer Sheva, Gilat, Sdot Negev, Nevatim 19:04:21

Beit Kama, Lahav, Lehavim, Mishmar Hanegev 19:04:52

Nahal oz 19:32:23

Bari 19:34:46

Bari 19:35:01

Zikim, Karmia 21:05:34

Kfar aza 06:52:14

Kfar aza 06:52:30

Kerem Shalom 07:02:21

 Kerem Shalom 07:02:37

Nirim 08:57:53

Nirim 08:58:08

Nir oz 10:22:00

Nir oz 10:22:15

Nahal oz 11:58:53

Nirim 12:08:10

Nirim 12:08:26

Yad Mordechai, Netiv Haasara 14:22:35

Yad Mordechai, Netiv Haasara 15:00:49

Magen, Eshkol Regional Council 15:33:36

Nahal oz 17:44:57

Nahal oz 17:45:13

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Anonymous said...

Something that might give you a little encouragement. You may have heard of the huge rally for Israel that took place in Sydney, Australia, last weekend - between 7000 and 10000 people, mostly Jewish, though non-Jewish Aussies who are friends of Zion also attended in some numbers. A second such rally has just taken place today (Sunday 10 August 2014) in Melbourne, Victoria (Melbourne being the home of the biggest Jewish community in Australia). I don't have official numbers, but judging from the preliminary pics posted by the Zionist Federation of Australia on their FB page, it was HUGE. And again, though the majority were Jewish, there were a significant number of non-Jewish Aussies also present, including some Victorian state parliamentarians.

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