Friday, August 8, 2014

Not a Typical Week in Israel

The house smells amazing. The challah is all baked and sitting on the table cooling off. I've already put the chicken and the rice and roasted sweet potato mixture in the refrigerator to cool off. The sweet-sauce hamburgers that my kids love are in the oven...the last thing.

I'm so tired.

I started thinking back over this week. I'm not sure I can describe what the week was like...Two terror attacks in Jerusalem - I passed by one two hours after it had happened and saw the clean up in progress.
Aliza is reading me jokes and laughing as she tells them to me - someone asks an Israeli how long it takes him to run 100 meters. He answers "4 seconds."

The person answers, "but the average is 10 seconds."

"Yes," answers the Israeli, "but I have a short cut."
I left the train and got....

Sirens in communities surrounding Gaza: 3:12 p.m.

I left the train and got in the car and passed a bus station, less than 5 minutes before the next terror attack, in which a soldier was shot in the stomach.

That was Sunday....

On Monday, a security guard at the front of the city, a man I have spoken to many times, was stabbed in the stomach.

Why did it take the Israelites 40 years of wandering in the desert before they entered the land of Israel?

Answer: What real men, the Israelis are - they would never ask directions!
Last night it was a wedding and today it was getting ready for's been an exhausting week emotionally and as I close down...I know there will likely be rockets.

Aliza and the children of Israel have asked the Ministry of Education to extend the summer vacation; the Ministry of Education has responded that they will try to do "fun" things to make up for the summer that wasn't.

Can you imagine stealing a child's summer? I know - if you focus on the destruction of Gaza, missing summer camps and playing in the parks is nothing. But Israel did not cause this war; Israel didn't ask for it.

Hamas demanded it; ensured it would happen, and then did all in its power, breaking seven ceasefires, to lengthen this war.

I don't know when it will end; I know only that in a a few hours, Shabbat will come - we will leave warning apps running so that we'll know if we need to go into the bomb shelter...more than that, we will pray that it will be over soon; that Hamas will be destroyed soon.

Our greatest hope is that Gaza will choose to be free of Hamas and so, instead of protecting Hamas leaders, the people of Gaza will turn on Hamas and force them out of power. This is likely the only way that peace, or at least a genuine ceasefire can come. Hamas has shown, again and again, that it is willing to sacrifice every man, woman, and child in Gaza. The question now is whether the people of Gaza will allow that.

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sheldan said...

What really concerns me is that, instead of Hamas, the world will demand that Fatah will come back to Gaza.

We know that Fatah is just as much a sponsor of terror as Hamas. But does the world acknowledge it?

To the world, Abbas is a "moderate" who is the representative of the Palestinian people. Yet this representative cannot bring himself to negotiate an end to the conflict.

In other words, the Palestinian Authority CAN'T make peace with Israel, while Hamas WON'T. Is there a real distinction here?

Many of us thought (in retrospect, naively) that Shimon Peres' "rehabilitation" of Arafat would bring peace with the Oslo Accords. We were real fools (and I will never forget Rabin's reluctance to shake Arafat's hand at the signature ceremony).

I think that we are in for the long haul. We really have no partner for peace, and we must remain in Judea and Samaria (I am not sure of the wisdom of retaking Gaza). As for the current situation, I think that Israel will be prepared to respond to a lot of rockets from Gaza.

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