Sunday, August 10, 2014

Should Arab Men Sexually Attack Israeli Women?

Apparently, there are those who believe they should. Watch the video below...and though you want to dismiss her as a fool, remember that she is a lawyer, being interviewed on Al-Arabiya television.

Who does this woman speak for? What religion? What country? I want to believe she is a stupid, ignorant, dumb moron without a brain or a heart.

I want to believe she speaks for no one, for no people, no religion, no culture, no god.

 I will say with complete confidence that she does not speak for God, she does not speak for any religion that is recognized by the God I worship.

The irony here is the slip she makes when referring to how Arab men are already abusing Arab women. As statistics prove, she is correct about that.

I'd like to believe that some twisted sickness turned her into someone who could spout this mindless hatred.

My fear is that the twisted sickness has a name...and I fear that name is Islam.


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