Tuesday, August 26, 2014

STOP - They Are Bombing My People

Surreal...just surreal. I'm sitting in a meeting and as we go around the table speaking of tasks and accomplishments over the last two weeks of work at this hi-tech company - in the last 30 minutes, the screen constantly goes red on the small window on the side of my laptop. Again and again.

"They are bombing my people," I want to scream. Except that everyone here in the room is "my people" too. There is one that connects from Germany. He sits there and listens, has no idea that my screen is turning red; no idea that my heart cries as I explain what tasks were accomplished, what problems there were in delivering the document before him.

The names of the communities mean nothing to him, to most people in the world but each is so precious, so beautiful. Each is a community built with love, tended by people who chose to live there.

Nahal Oz, where little Daniel was killed; Alumim, where another friend lives and close to where Elie was stationed during Cast Lead. Be'eri, beautiful Be'eri. Kissufim, that I passed so many times driving south.

On and on...

They are running for their lives, or sitting in their bomb shelters afraid to leave because only there are they truly safe. I want to scream in this meeting. I am asked an opinion and I speak..and as I speak, my screen turns red. Do I stop and say - they are bombing my people! Or do I answer the question...

And, of course, I speak. I answer questions...and my heart cries. They are bombing my people.


NancyB said...

I am so glad that I found your blog. Your descriptions of your every day life living through this war are viscerally real, heartfelt and truthful. My heart hurts for you and all of my people in Israel.

I've never been to Israel but as a practicing Jew I have always felt a very strong bond with the country and people. Now, I feel much more than that through reading your daily blogs. I am planning to visit before the end of the year.

Yesterday you mentioned that you receive a lot of hate mail, which disturbed me. I was shocked to hear that and realize how naive I was to have felt that surprised. It is utterly amazing how many very stupid people there are in this world, educated or not.

Here's an article that I read today that I really liked a lot.


Stay safe, dear Paula.

NancyB said...

The only point that I did not line up or identify with in Matti Friedman's article, was her comment on the settlements. But the main points in the article are long overdue for widespread exposure.

jan said...

I feel your pain Paula...as if I was standing in Israel. My body is in Texas....my soul, my thoughts, my prayers, everything important, is in Israel with my people....Jan

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