Monday, August 4, 2014

Terror Attack in Jerusalem

A man died in Jerusalem. He was 29 years old, was married, had children. He was killed today by an Arab terrorist, a few minutes from my office in Jerusalem, a block away from the train line. The attack was videotaped - the wonder of modern technology.

This isn't the first time that terrorists have used tractors to attack Israelis. The videos show the madness.

The first video shows the attack against the bus - an Arab driving a tractor in the streets of Jerusalem deciding to attack. You'll see him hit the bus over and over again with his tractor. The voices you hear are speaking Arabic. You'll hear the first gunshots fired by a police officer who prevented a much more catastrophic ending.


Then, in the second video, you'll hear gunshots - they are shockingly loud. You'll hear the policeman demand that the terrorist stop; you'll see the terrorist ignore the warnings and continue to attempt to use the tractor as a weapon until the policeman shoots and kills the terrorists.


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