Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Truest Sentence Ever Written

Maybe that's an exaggeration, but at this moment, in the depths of despair and filled with anger, I believe:
If you value life, you will live and if you value death, you will die.
In that sentence is the crux of the Middle East equation and the very reason why there will never be peace. In that sentence, is why there are so many dead Palestinians, including civilians. If you value death, you will die.

We value life and so we put our innovative genius into developing the Iron Dome. We value life and so we build bomb shelters.

We value life and so we mourn, as a nation, for each and every death. Every one...I can tell you many of their names, which one was married only 10 months, which one's wife gave birth to a baby girl days after he was killed. I can tell you about the soldier who was engaged to be married; the ones who played guitar and sang.

Each was a life, a whole world and we do not celebrate their deaths. We go to funerals, as I plan to go to one today. And there, we sing sad songs of compassion, of faith knowing that at their funerals, they scream out for revenge, shoot guns in the air, and promise in allah's name, more will die.

The truest sentence in the world at this moment is...

If you value life, you will live and if you value death, you will die.


Anonymous said...

WOW, thank you for a truthful touching write, we are now at a time when the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing.
Know this for sure that the G-D of Israel will count it against them as sin.
Our assurance in not in man, nor in the nations of this world, but in G-D who alone is master over all war's.
We have no desire to any more talks of a peace treaty nor any sympathy to hamas and there evil cause.
We do not seek world approval or Obama’s and Kerry’s applause,
not when they suggest we weaken and negotiate G-D’S Laws

We say The Shema with confidence twice a day.
Know this for a certainty we don’t care what the world has to say.
For it is to the Shield of Abraham that we worship and we pray.
And it is G-D and G-D alone who direct's our footsteps every day.
It is the G-D of Israel that has the final say, our G-D who loves us whom we shall obey.

once again thank you and you are very blessed.

May G-D bless your Son's and safegaurd them.
May G-D illuminate G-D'S coutenance for them and be gracious to them.
May G-D turn G-D'S countance to them and establish peace for them.

sheldan said...

So many times, I hear the terrorists say: "We value death while you value life."

You're damn right we do. And we believe that we have a cause worth defending, and ultimately we will defeat the evil.

A quote from the novel Exodus is one I think about a lot: "So let us be wrong in the eyes of the whole damned world." Unfortunately, the whole damned world does think we are wrong, no matter what we do. Frankly, I would rather the world respect us than like us, as they did prior to the "peace process." No matter what we propose, I suspect that only ceasing to exist will satisfy some critics.

Well, we aren't going to die to satisfy anyone. Maybe this is a huge wake-up call, and we will have to play this out regardless of the events. G-d willing, we will succeed...

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