Sunday, August 10, 2014

Things Children Should Never Say

...or perhaps it is more accurate to say these are things children should never HAVE to say

Yoav, 5.5 years old - his family has evacuated to a cabin in the north to get away from the rockets. The owner of the cabin showed the family to the cabin, and told where pool was, and where the dining room is and when the tour was over, little Yoav said, "but you didn't tell us where the bomb shelter is."

Shay, 5.5 years old asked her mother - "Ima, are they shooting in all the countries now?"

Niv, 3.5 years old - "the best weapon is bananas - that way everyone will slip and we'll win."

Keshet, 5 years old - went with her family up north to get away from the rockets and her tooth fell out. She asked her mother, "Ima, how can the tooth fairy get in to here, but the rockets can't?"

Uri, 5 years old - his father has been called into the Reserves and someone called his mother to ask if he needs anything. Uri heard this and responded, "Of course! He needs a kiss and a hug from us."

Noya, 6 years old - her father came back for a short visit with the family  (for his birthday) after 3 weeks serving in the south. He came in needing a haircut, long beard and a few more gray hairs. Noya said, "Abba, did you have a birthday while you were in the Reserves, it looks like you grew by a year."

Lotan (4.5 years old) was talking with his friend(5 years old)- both attend nursery school in Rishon L'Zion
     Lotan: we had a siren today in nursery school.
     Friend: we didn't have one.
     Lotan: so it seems you had a ceasefire.

Ariel (3.5 years old), "Ima, right at night they make the sirens weaker so that we can sleep?"

Shoham (4.5 years old) asked his mother, "Ima, when there's a siren in the safari, where do the animals go [to hide]?"

Ayelet-Chen (4.5) from a community near the Gaza border, whose parents chose to take her to the north to get away from the rockets, "Ima, it's very nice here but when your telephone tells you there aren't any more sirens, we can return home?

Noam (4 years old), whose father is serving in Gaza, to her friend, "To you know why there are not more missiles falling? Because my father went to the army to stop them - and even if he isn't your father, he'll stop them for you too."

Gabbi (2.5 years old), "Ima, right when there's an alarm, you run to a worried place" (the Hebrew word for "protected" sounds a little like the Hebrew word for "worried")

Yuval (4 years old) asked her mother: - "Ima, Abba's [Daddy's] work is in a protected room?" His mother assured him that yes, his father's work place has a protected room (i.e. bomb shelter). Yuval answered, "what, he works in the stairwell?"

Goni (3 years old) sees his father dressed in uniform about to leave the house for Reserve duty and says, "Abba, are you going to the army?" His father answers that he is, and Goni asks "where does the army live?"

Ariel (3 years old), "Ima, do the soldiers have enough water in their guns?"

Elia (5 years old), "Ima, don't worry. You don't have to set the alarm clock because the sirens already wake us up in the morning."

Shachar (2 years old), "Ima,  you know, when the woman says 'Color Red' [announcement of a Red Alert /incoming missile attack], then we need to run to the dwarf" (Hebrew word that Shachar said was "gamad" - what he meant was "mamad" which is a protected room)

Emunah (4 years old) "Ima, close all the windows in the house so that the siren can't come in."

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littleduckies said...

Unfortunately, I have my own comments to add to your list. Some I remember, some I probably wrote, and some were probably erased by my protective subconscious.

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