Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Today, No Rockets Were Fired at Israel


And you see, the saddest part about that is that this is news - not that rockets WERE fired, but that they were NOT.

In Israel, no children ran to bomb shelters; no mothers struggled to grab their children while calculated the safest place to hide. No soldiers walked up to a house and delivered the worst news a parent could ever hear.

In any other country, the news would be shocked to report that a rocket had been fired within its borders. Here in Israel, the big news story is that Hamas has actually managed to withhold its fire for coming up on 48 hours now.


NancyB said...

Australian journalist who weighs in on double-standards against Israel.


NancyB said...

Wonderful! The Foreign Press Association has issued a definitive statement condemning Hamas’s treatment of journalists throughout the Gaza war.


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