Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Understand Israel...in Just 10 Minutes

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Cia Parker said...

Thank you, Paula, everything you put up is moving, I'm reading your blog every day now, and sending friends links to it. I'm reading the new book about the BDS disinformation movement and the one about When David Became Goliath, and watching the Honest Reporting videos on Youtube. I am angry and indignant, and am going to look for a way to inform people about the truth in this horrible situation. I completely support Israel. It is the death cult of Hamas which is responsible for the deaths of children there, no one else. I heard an Israeli woman way that the tunnels were to be used on Rosh Hashanah to kill 10,000 Israelis. I am glad they were blown up. As the girl on the kbbutz in your video says, it is unbearable to fear terrorist popping up from underground or in a kindergarten at any moment. Thank you again for your tireless efforts to make people aware of the truth.

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