Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What We Accomplished During this War

No, this isn't an analysis of the war, especially because I don't believe we are done. I think Round 3 will begin, as Hamas has promised, TONIGHT after midnight. That frightens me more than I can admit on a personal level.

Each summer, my children look forward to the youth group camping. When they are in the early grades, it is for one night, and slowly, through the years, it builds. Last year, Aliza joined her youth group for a three day trip...this year, her final year in the youth group, it is for four nights.

They are walking from Beit Shemesh, in the center of the country, up through the mountains to Jerusalem. They are averaging 10-15 kilometers a day. I'm astounded and proud of her...and worried that tomorrow night, her last night, Hamas could fire rockets.

The army restricts gatherings of over 500 people within a certain range of Gaza. She is not in that range and the chances of them aiming where her group will be sleeping is so small...and yet too large for a worried mother.

But that's the worry - what I wanted to write about was the accomplishments made during this war...on the smallest possible level...and here it is.

I have a client in Herzilya. Part of Herziliya has become one of the largest centers of innovation in the country. Driving here, you pass major hi-tech companies - Microsoft, Oracle, Google...just to name a few.

For the last few weeks, I have been slowly losing the view of the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The view is gone but what remains is a testament to Israel. Each day, the workers go up there and do what they do, and each week, there is a new floor that will soon be filled with more hi-tech companies creating the most amazing software and hardware in the world. Really.

In the early days, I worried what would happen to the workers if there was a siren while they were working up there. In the end, I was lucky. All the days that there were sirens, I was working remotely. Though I've often had video conferences in the bomb shelter, I've never had to go there to seek shelter and since I was never there, I can't say what happens to the workers way up on the cranes.

But what I can tell you is that despite the war, nothing stopped these guys from working. There before my eyes, the building has grown several stories in height. There's a message in there for Hamas. You can't stop us from living; you can't even stop us from building!

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