Friday, September 12, 2014

A Dream that Left Me Shaking

You know how you can dream and not realize you are in a dream...that's what happened a short time ago.

I was at a client's office in Tel Aviv (even though the particular client where this was, is actually a bit north in Herziliya). I heard a sound coming from my computer. It was the sound of the air raid siren application that I used throughout the war to alert me to incoming missile attacks throughout Israel. It's a jingle tune - and I thought, this can't be happening again. The ceasefire is supposed to last a month and even though they broke...well, 11 out of 12, this one was supposed to last just a bit longer.

I looked out my window - and here too the dream was jumbled. First, I saw the massive crane (there are actually three, but I only saw one), was moving very fast, lowering people to the ground. That's what they do in an attack, I thought to myself in the dream I didn't realize was happening.

My office is on the 5th floor, so this vantage point is possible from the heights but no way could I see them lowering people to the ground. But in the dream, I can also see people running in the street for shelter, which makes no sense because I can't see the floor from my office window.

And in the dream that I didn't know was a dream, I asked the people crowded near the window for shelter if they heard the missile. I looked up and saw the trail of the Iron Dome having taken out a missile. Everyone was safe...

Only then I heard it again - another notification on my computer of another incoming missile attack...

And then I woke was my new phone, stupidly set so that the alarm tone was very like the sound of the application on my computer warning of an attack.

Not in Tel Aviv, but in my bed waking to a Friday of cooking and cleaning before hosting guests for both meals. Not an attack, an alarm clock. Not real life, a dream.

There are many shades of terror and many effects that remain long after the missile lands, even if it doesn't hurt anyone, even if it lands in an open field. For more than a month this summer, everything we did, everywhere we went included a thought for incoming rocket attacks. It's been a few...

I was going to write that it has been a few weeks since the last rocket hit Israel. And then I remembered this amazing application created by two Israelis. I wrote about it a few weeks ago and want to write more about it - after Shabbat maybe.

The site Israel Has Been Rocket Free For. So I went there and was confused. Weeks? No, not weeks - I had forgotten. We have more than one enemy. During the last few months, we have been hit from at least three sides - Gaza, Lebanon and Syria. So as of a few minutes ago, Israel had been rocket free for:

Just under eight days...

I woke up and stayed in bed with my eyes open, willing my heart to calm down. Friday morning in Israel. The chicken is much to sirens.

It's now just after noon on Friday - the challah bread is rising on the counter, almost ready to be shaped. Chicken and chicken wings are done. The oven is full with three kinds of casseroles (kugels). I made the salt/pepper one that Aliza and I love; the sweet one that my husband, Amira and Elie love. I made the spinach and broccoli that the ladies love and soon will take out one and put in the potato kugel that is our Friday afternoon treat. The soup is boiling on the stove...

Shabbat is coming. No matter what dreams we have, no matter what they do to us...Shabbat is coming. Peace will be here soon. Shabbat shalom - may it come in peace and bring the real and true calm that helps us survive all else.

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